Three terrorist groups still using Afghan territory against Pakistan: PM Imran Khan
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Three terrorist groups still using Afghan territory against Pakistan: PM Imran Khan

Three terrorist groups still using Afghan territory against Pakistan: PM Imran Khan

DUSHANBE: Three terrorist organisations are still operating in Afghanistan against Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Friday, after the Taliban had assured the Afghan soil would not be used against any state.

Addressing a joint press conference along with Tajikistan's President Emomali Rehman in Dushanbe today, the prime minister said he will try to convince the Afghan Taliban as there were concerns about the situation in Panjshir.

He added that Pakistan and Tajikistan wanted the issue in the valley to be resolved through talks. On the other hand, President Emomali Rehman said that he will use his influence in bringing the Tajik leadership of Afghanistan to the negotiating table to resolve their differences peacefully.

The premier said that peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of not only Pakistan and Tajikistan but also the entire region.

Pakistan, Tajikistan agree to boost ties

The two leaders also had wide-ranging deliberations covering all aspects of the mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation, and regional and international issues of common interest during the tete-a-tete and delegation-level talks.

Pakistan and Tajikistan expressed their readiness to expand cooperation in transport, according to a joint statement issued after the two leaders met.

"They agreed to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in transport infrastructure corridors for bilateral and transit trade between the two countries and creation of favourable conditions for the transportation of goods through the territory of respective countries," the statement said.

"They particularly noted the importance of the construction of railways and highways from Tajikistan to Karachi and Gwadar seaports of Pakistan and the need for integration of Tajikistan with regional transport projects," it added.

The two leaders agreed to regularly convene the meetings and follow up on the decisions of the permanent economic mechanisms for mutually beneficial cooperation at the earliest, the statement further said.

"The two leaders attached particular attention to strengthening the scientific, technological, and cultural cooperation. The parties noted the need to further expand cooperation in health, pharmaceutical, medical, natural disaster management and emergency sectors, including through joint ventures in Tajikistan and Pakistan."

The leaders recognised that the outcomes and agreements reached during the visit of PM Imran Khan constitute a step forward in augmenting ties and in the development of a long-term strategic partnership between the two countries, the statement said.

"They commended the strong trust existing between the two countries and reaffirmed that the strategic partnership between Tajikistan and Pakistan contributed towards promoting stability and security in the region," the statement added.

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