Three Signs That You Need To Leave THAT PERSON

Three Signs That You Need To Leave THAT PERSON

Three potential wrong signed of a relationship

Many of us have been experiencing heart-broken times when relationships don't work out in the way as we expected. At the same time, we are sometimes uncertain about if the person we are being with is the “right person." Although we know there might be something wrong with that relationship, we cover it with the “perfect surface” because we want to convince ourselves we are doing fine. Yet, following your instinct is sometimes the right choice for our relationships. Here are three signs that you need to be aware for a relationship that can be on a wrong track.

1. You don’t smile that often as you did before

A good relationship should be positive and inspirational. But if you find yourself not that happy with this person or you feel tired of dealing with this relationship, this might not be the right one. For example, when you complain about your relationship to your best friends all the time or desperately need some “personal spaces,” it's not a good sign for a healthy relationship. It’s better to talk to your partner at first in this case and find out solutions before deciding if it will work out.

2. You are too dependent on him and you don’t have a life

A healthy relationship should be two individuals sharing life together rather than sticking to each other all the time. You should be able to do what you love and hang out with your friends regularly, without being interrupted or discouraged. If your partner comments on what you are doing negatively very often, he/she is probably not the person who can understand you and accept who you are. Plus, if he/she tries to restrict your time hanging out with others (ex. girls night/guys night/family night), he/she is probably not the best choice by being selfish.

3. You don’t the connection with that person anymore

When he/she starts to hide things from you, there might be something wrong. It can be a sign of an affair or your partner no more feels the connection with you. In this case, you probably have to find ways to rebuild the connection with him/her (ex. trying to understand from his/her perspective) or give up the path that you guys are heading to.

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