Three Little Poems I Wrote
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Three Little Poems I Wrote

Just a few of my favorites

Three Little Poems I Wrote

So, this week, I really wasn't all too sure what to write about. I was going to write something about the election, or post a section of the story I'm working on, but honestly, I'm just not feeling it. So instead, I figured I'd post a few works of poetry that I had written a while back for my one poetry class that actually helped me out in my poetry. There were a few different styles of poems that we created, two of which I have here. I'll be sure to post what types they are, as well as link a "How to" on those kinds of poems, in case you want to try writing them yourselves. Which I highly recommend.

Anyways, here's some poetry.

A Drink in One Hand and You in the Other

Parties to me are narcotic. I dance with Johnny Walker and melt into the crowd, sew myself shut. Jack Daniels invites himself into my mouth, and I swallow him down past his cologne. He introduces me to this guy named Jim Beam, at 5233 Grove St., Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. Jim’s skin was soft. He was a good guy because man was able to land on the moon. I watched him throw back a few with Jose Cuervo. They’re blasting Mozart over the speakers. Brookiekins just wants to go home. I think I’m Artois but I’m stellard. I can taste the way he smells, choking me out. Jim wasn’t a good guy. Outside with the damp streetlights, I find myself. I can’t find my cell phone. Da kannst du Gift drauf nehmen. The rain outside is dry as it falls on my face. Jack will find me lying on the concrete and carries me home. He tells me I’m beautiful, kisses me goodnight. I rewrite history in bed with a blue fountain pen. And all I can wonder is, when am I going to get another hit?

(Twenty Little Poetry Projects:

This next poem is a "Found" poem, made from E.E. Cumming's "Dive For Dreams")

I’ll Dance You Away at My Wedding for the Sake of the Return of That Which I Lost

Dive, or a slogan may topple you; trees are their wind. Trust if the seas catch fire, the stars walk backward. Honour the welcome future, and dance death away at the wedding. Never mind a world with its villains or girls, in spite of everything. Doom, with white hands neating our minds, leaving my room. I turn, kiss this, our heads. Silently if, out of not knowable night's utmost nothing, wanders a little guess (only which is this world). More my life does not leap than climb oblivion. Voices who are into heaven, death becomes your kiss, losing what seemed myself. I find selves unimaginably mine; yours is the light by which return: my sun, my moon, and all my stars.

(Found Poem:

I don't believe this last poem has a real style to it. I would consider it a free verse poem if anything, but if anyone finds this to be any different, feel free to point it out!

Things My Best Friend Has Said To Me at Some Point and Time In the Course of Our Relationship

I wish I had a more reckless childhood.

January 23, 8:05 PM

I feel like I missed out on walking up to a girl’s door on prom night feeling super awkward and praying to God her dick father didn’t answer the door.

January 27, 9:17 PM

I want to go into witness protection. And Spain.

February 13, 10:18 PM

I want to get a lap dance with genuine affection.

March 20, 10:59 PM

Note to future self, when making out with a girl, randomly call her cute.

April 26, 11:32 PM

I want to be the best in the world at something.

May 9, 11:41 PM

I want to have to choose between two girls.

July 4, 12:00 AM

I want life experiences out the wazoo.

July 24, 12:21 AM

I haven’t really lived.

August 10, 1:20 AM

Let’s get black out drunk.

September 17, 1:37 AM

I want to see a therapist.

September 27, 1:51 AM

I haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights.

October 4, 2:06 AM

When’s the last time you cried yourself to sleep?

October 6, 2:38 AM

It’s been a while since you texted back.

November 2, 3:05 AM

Still awake?

December 3, 3:22 AM

I miss you, bud.

December 6, 3:46 AM

I wish you were here, mon amie.

December 8, 3:52 AM

I’m going to disappoint you.

December 9, 4:01 AM

I fucked up.

December 11, 4:06 AM

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