Everyone in college is different in their own way. But even here, people fall into what I would call, the three types. It sounds strange at first, but it really is the best way to introduce common stereotypes. Many people think that being categorized as a stereotype in college isn't the best thing, but you can find people who best fit your interests this way. Of course this doesn't mean you are going to be one of these three types of people, but it'll help give you a better understanding on what social group you might fit in.

1. The Bookworm

As the Bookworm, you'll most likely find that your room or the library, are your only safe places away from class. You take pleasure in studying and meeting deadlines, and especially not talking with people who don't already have a pre-existing relationship with you. Your roommates are your best friends as well, regardless if its one or four of them, they tend to make up most of your friend group. It's also possible that you're heavy into theater or are possibly a music major.

2. The One in a Relationship

Whether it's long distance or not, you still fall into this category. You are deeply invested in your relationship and your significant other is your best friend. When you aren't with each other you both tend to feel rather lonely, but you do have the same friends, so you're less inclined to neglect your other friends at the same time. Besides that, one or both of you probably a social science major or even a nursing major, because these types like to have someone by their side at all times.

3. The Socialite

These are the types of people who show up to the party every weekend, without fail. More or less known for having all the addressees stashed on their phone, in case of an emergency. They're incredibly friendly and aren't afraid to start conversations with random strangers. You can normally find them roaming around campus on weekdays, talking to people from all over. But on weekends, locate them at the club or the nearest party. They travel in packs of other socialites, people who tend to be just like them, for the sake of having a good time. These are normally the athletes or the commutation kids, generally the ones who like to talk a lot.