It's no doubt that the holiday season is a stressful time. For most college students, it means studying for midterms and final exams. Parents hurry to buy their loved ones gifts for the upcoming holidays, or preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. It's always important to take care of yourself mentally and physically, but during this time it's especially necessary to sit down occasionally and do something for your own good. Here are three inexpensive products that benefit your mental, and physical health.

1. Yes To Cucumbers Calming Face Mask: $2.99

Yes To is a popular brand of sheet face masks. Masks range in a wide variety of smells and uses, including "tomato" for acne and charcoal for skin detoxing. Each packet comes with one sheet mask. For an easy twenty minutes, let it sit on your face while you relax. Customize your mask type to what you feel your skin needs. Easily found at local Target or beauty stores.

2. Lush's Big Blue Bath Bomb: $6.75

Bath bombs are a must-have for any relaxing night. "Big Blue" is one of my personal favorites from Lush because of it's soothing lavender and lemon scent. Drop it in your warm tub and watch the color transform. The texture of your water after dropping in a bath bombs is so silky and smooth, I often lose track of time with a good book and candle by my side. This bath bomb is extra special due to the sea salt and seaweed for an extra skin smoothing factor.

3. Body Shop's Body Butters: $12

I purposely didn't recommend a specific type of body butter by Body Shop because it's so hard to choose. If I could buy every scent they had, I would. Body butter is a step up from lotion; it's smooth and soothing texture glides like, well, butter! Not only leaving you smelling fantastic, but utterly relaxing you to the core.

I truly hope that everyone reading this has a happy holiday season. Make sure to pay attention to yourself as well as your loved ones. Put on your face mask, run a hot bath with a soothing bath bomb, and lather up your skin with some smooth body butter.