1. That’s it I’m done, all my ideas are gone. I cannot think of an idea or topic to save my life. I have been trying to write something for hours, literal hours. No ideas, no thoughts, nothing. Absolutely nothing I can think of to write. I’m also pretty sure that clock on the wall is wrong. It has definitely been a few days since I have written anything worth reading. Ha! That implies that I have written something; I haven’t written anything!
  2. What is wrong with me! Why can’t I think of anything? I am literally at a loss for words! I can’t believe this is happening to me! Why?! I know everyone
  3. What if I can never write again… my life is over. Writing is what I do, it is part of my person!
  4. How in the world do some people seem to have endless ideas, and I’m over here just empty? I’m so jealous of these people who can just write and always seem to have ideas. The ideas just flow from their souls and onto the page; it’s so beautiful! So much talent!
  5. There has to be something I could write about! *google searches writing prompts* Nope, I’m not feeling any of this. Some of these are absolutely terrible.
  6. How can I call myself a writer? How? Such a disgrace to the title! Writers create art in word-form! They express feeling and emotion in their writing. They describe and explain in a way that others can’t. People who do this are writers. I am not a writer, just not. I have been deceiving myself for far too long. It’s time to face the facts: they are writers, I am not.
  7. I need to write something! I have the urge to write but no topics or ideas!
  8. Is writers block a serious illness? I mean, if it is a real thing that happens to everyone, then it must be a legitimate mental problem. Do I need medicine for this? Is this a curable problem? Is it contagious? Do I need to stay away from other writers to that they can remain well and not catch my disease? Or maybe the better question is – who did I catch this from? Who is responsible for this blocking of the writer in me? Do I need therapy, a support group maybe.
  9. I think I’m going crazy! I’m just going to start typing and see where that takes me. Maybe not all hope is lost!
  10. Hey look at that! I wrote something! … this counts right?

Hopefully others can relate to my thought process. Finding time and ideas for writing have been a real struggle here lately. If you are a writer currently struggling with writer's block, maybe you can find comfort in knowing I am struggling too. Once the block passes, our writing will be stronger and better for it, so don't give up. It's going to be okay; we can get through this together.