10 Thoughts I Had When I Re-Watched 'Jersey Shore'

10 Thoughts I Had When I Re-Watched 'Jersey Shore'

Get crazy, get wild.

As we all know, Jersey Shore is a gift to mankind. I watched the series when it originally aired on MTV. Although I have not watched the Family Vacation reunion yet, I have been preparing myself by re-watching the older seasons, and boy, do I have some thoughts.

1. Pauly and Vinny are just as funny as I remember.

From pretending to be Joey D and Louie (the ultimate Guidos), to the Grenade Horn, to the prank wars, these two had us laughing all the time.

2. Mike is a troublemaker, but he had some great commentary.

Mike was always trying to stir up trouble. He got in the middle of Ron and Sam's relationship, he tried to split up Snooki and Jionni, and he would be rude to his housemates. But if someone turned things around on him, he would freak out. However, Mike's commentary was always my favorite. He made some great observations and no one can narrate a situation quite like The Situation.

3. Deena was unfairly slut-shamed.

The guys could bring a different girl to the house every night, but that just means they were "doing them". If Deena brought even one guy to the house, she was called names and made fun of. It's a double standard and it's not cool.

4. Snooki isn't the brightest bulb, but she's incredibly likable.

Snooki was always trying to keep the peace in the house. She was the first to forgive Sam after their fight, and when Tom broke up with Jenni, she didn't hesitate to help Jenni get her dogs.

5. Ron and Sam are problematic and toxic.

They fought with each every day over anything and everything. They hit each other, they broke each other's belongings, and they were constantly trying to make each other jealous. I can't count how many times Sam said "I'm done," and then went right back to Ron the next day. It was hard to cheer for these two, and after awhile, we were hoping that they would break up and stay broken up.

6. There are no better friends than Snooki and JWoww.

They even got their own spin-off!

7. None of these people knew how to fight.

The girls would just pull each other's hair, and the guys would throw punches, but I'm pretty sure that no one ever landed one. The most damage that was ever done was when Mike got a concussion, and that was because he slammed his own head into a wall.

8. The note was a terrible idea.

Snooki and Jenni wanted to tell Sam that Ron was cheating on her, but they didn't want to lose their friendship with Ron. Thus, the note was born. In theory, it was a good idea, but Snooki and Jenni should have fessed up to it a lot sooner than they did because this note almost ruined their friendship with Sam.

9. The catchphrases are iconic.

"It's t-shirt time," "Cabs are here!" and "GTL" are just ways of life.

10. Angelina is The absolute worst.

Enough said.

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