15 Thoughts I Had While Watching Lilo And Stitch

15 Thoughts I Had while watching 'lilo and stitch' for the first time in 15 years

Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind...


On a long plane ride home, I was looking for a 3rd movie to watch, and stumbled across this American classic. Here are some things I realized while watching the movie for the first time in a really long time:

1. The beginning of this movie and the actual story line is pretty elaborate.

2. I don't think my tiny self ever knew there was a bigger plot to this movie besides, "Hawaiian girl and alien become best friends"...

3. How old is Lilo? She talks like she's 2 but she's smart and looks like she is 5! I AM CONFUSED.

4. This is a lot funnier than I remember

5. I'd really like to know what language helped inspire this weird alien dialect that stitch speaks... who comes up with this crap?

6. I find it so strange that Stitch can literally suck in his arms to make himself look like a dog..I mean he doesn't;t look like a dog at all, but why is that a power he was given?

7. Stitch is so cute yet so destructive

8. David is the ultimate boyfriend. This boy just risked his life to make sure stitch didn't drown JUST to make lilo happy JUST to make Nani's life easier.

9. Nani can't catch a freakin' break.

10. Imagine if you had to give up your young life to watch your sister, you can't find a job, you don't have time to date, and what REALLY makes your sister happy is a strange blue rat thing?

11. It never occurred to me how much emotional trauma Nani goes through and just how good she is at being both a sister and mom.

12. Can we please talk about how the commander is literally an alien killer whale? I think I suddenly have an irrational fear of whales now.. bye!

13. Does anyone else remember that game on the Disney Channel website that was lilo and stitch based where you had to balance sandwiches on top of each other? Just me?

14. Ohana means family is one of the best lines ever. Why am I crying?

15. Hawaiian rollercoaster ride is a bop and should be played at every summer luau.

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