15 Actual Thoughts You Have While Wandering Around TJ Maxx

15 Actual Thoughts You Have While Wandering Around TJ Maxx

God bless TJ Maxx.


I recently went to TJ Maxx with a friend with the sole purpose of not buying anything. We literally looked at everything, though, and later, I walked out with half a dozen items I was not planning on buying. I'm just glad it was only six from the number of things I saw and liked.

Here were my thoughts as I wandered around TJ Maxx for an hour.

2. "Of course I have to check out the clearance section... except that's basically the entire store."

4. "This may look horrible on me but I'm going to try it on anyway."

5. "Maybe I should just look at some nice clothes for work. You can never have too many business casual clothes..."

7. "$5 makeup... How bad could it be?"

8. "American Eagle shorts for only $15?!"

9. "I can't carry all this stuff."

10. "Do I have a giftcard?"

11. "I want to decorate my house with everything in here."

12. "Oh, look, something I didn't need but buying anyway."

13. "Could I pull this off? It's cheap and looks good on the mannequin..."

15. "Yes, I found what I wanted. No, I did not need any of this."

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Frat boys are a species of their own and here are some exciting gifts they will be ecstatic to receive!


What more do frat boys love than alcohol, partying, and just acting stupid? Here are some gifts that help fulfill all of those needs for the frat boy in your life!

1. Beer holster belt

Whats better than one beer? Six beers! This fashionable camouflage accessory can be used for tailgates, beach days, formals and everything in between.

Price: $8.49

2. Phone juul holder 

You know those cardholders everyone sticks on the back of their phones? Well, now a Juul holder for your phone is on the market! This will save your favorite frat boy from ever again losing his Juul!

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3. Animal house poster 

This Animal House poster is a classic staple for any frat boy. This poster will compliment any frat house decor or lack thereof.

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4. The American Fraternity book

Does the frat boy in your life need a good read for Thanksgiving or winter break? Look no farther, this will certainly keep his attention and give him a history lesson on American fraternity heritage and tradition.

Price: $28.46

5. Beer pong socks 

These snazzy socks featuring beer pong will be loved by any frat boy. As for the way to any frat boy's heart may, in fact, be beer pong.

Price: $12.00

6. Condom case

This condom carrying case will not only protect condoms from damage but also make frat boys more inclined to practice safe sex, which is a win-win situation!

Price: $9.99

7. Frat house candle

Ahhh yes, who does not like the smell of stale beer in a dark, musty frat house basement? Frat boys can make their apartment or bedroom back home smell like their favorite place with the help of this candle.

Price: $16.99

8. "Frat" sticker

Frat boys always need to make sure everyone around them knows just how "fratty" they are. This versatile stick can go on a laptop, car, water bottle, or practically anywhere their little hearts desire.

Price: $6.50

9. Natty Light t-shirt 

Even I will admit that this shirt is pretty cool. The frat boy in your life will wear this shirt at every possible moment, it is just that cool!

Price: $38.76-$41.11

10. Natty light fanny pack 

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Price: $21.85

11. Bud Light Neon Beer Sign 

A neon beer sign will be the perfect addition to any frat boys bedroom.

Price: $79.99

12. Beer Opener

Although most frat boys' go to beers come in cans, this bottle opener will be useful for those special occasions when they buy nicer bottled beers.

Price: $7.99

13. Frat House Dr. Sign

Price: $13.99

Forget stealing random street signs, with this gift frat boys no longer have to do so.

14. Beer Lights 

Lights are an essential for any party and these will surely light up even the lamest parties.

Price: $17.19

Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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Holiday Window Shopping Is Still An Important Tradition In The Age Of Buying Online

Online shopping is at an all-time high, so why should you still make the trip to a shopping mall?


The holidays used to be a popular time to window shop and enjoy the extravagant displays the department stores would put together. You could go to stores with an idea of what you wanted but be able to have some wiggle room with it due to the spontaneity of actually browsing through the store. Physically going to a store allows you to use all five senses while shopping and allows the stores to appeal to those senses, which adds a whole new level to the shopping experience.

With the holidays coming up, many of us have probably started purchasing gifts for our friends and families. Being in college, or just being busy getting ready for the holiday season in general, it can be hard to find the means to actually drive to a store. Along with that, plenty of us typically don't have enough time or patience to browse through the plethora of stores located inside a shopping mall or a downtown area.

Due to being busy, laziness and convenience, online shopping has become extremely popular within the past few years. Many people have transitioned from making the trip to stores or shopping centers to simply typing the website in online, easily finding the exact item they're looking for and quickly ordering their gifts that way.

According to Statistica, as of April 2017, 40 percent of internet users in the United States said they had purchased items online several times per month, and 20 percent said they bought items or services online on a weekly basis. Along with this, online shopping and buying-related activities are pretty consistent throughout all age groups, with a large emphasis on items purchased through Amazon.com.

However, even though online shopping is extremely convenient and easy, making the trip to shopping malls and stores is still important, especially during the holiday season. Going to the store is much more than just purchasing items – it's about spending time with somebody, selecting the perfect gifts (ones you may not stumble upon online), and enjoying the aesthetics of the designs that stores set up for the holiday season.

Holiday window displays are a huge tradition, dating back to the late 1800s. According to WalkAboutNY, Macy's first window display attracted many shoppers at their 14th Street location in New York featuring a number of dolls from around the world dressed in native costumes. Since then, department stores have put large efforts into the marketing and arrangement of their holiday-themed display windows in order to attract customers as well as take part in the joy of the holiday season.

Now, many stores have to attempt to match the same enthusiasm seen in display windows on their websites, advertisements and emails since people have transitioned to mostly shopping online. This is something that comes along with the booming development of technology, however, it's crucial to acknowledge the importance of enjoying the holiday season and everything that comes along with it – including flashy window displays.

This holiday season, be sure to grab someone who you enjoy spending time with and make the effort to execute a trip to your city's shopping area or local mall. Take in the smells, feel the cold air, listen to the music playing around you and notice the fantastic sights put on by your surroundings. There's no doubt that it will create a great experience, and maybe even become a memorable tradition.

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