The time for exams seems to always be coming towards us, even if its summer and the semester is weeks away or its spring break and they're the last things on our minds. Here're some of the random thoughts that pop into our brains as we stuff them with information we should've been studying all semester long.

1. Do fish dream?

2. This exam is going to be twice as hard as I think it is.

3. Tear drops on my guitar, more like tear drops on my notes I can't actually read these anymore.

4. Let me rearrange my room, get some good feng shui going.

5. I wonder if my elementary school crush thinks about me sometimes.

6. If I text my roommate the pizza emoji enough times maybe she'll order me some.

7. Let me make a list of things I'd rather be doing besides studying.

8. Wait I'm not actually studying, does remembering that go on the list?

9. Maybe if I study in the library I'll actually get stuff done.

10. That's not a thing, I'll probably keep watching Netflix but with headphones in.

11. Would people judge me for that? Maybe I'll do it in a cubby.

12. Studying is hard and I am not a fan.

13. Let me find one of the 50 parody accounts that tweets it as stu(dying) and retweet it.

14. It has the word studying in it so it counts as being productive.

15. I could go for coffee.

16. Or chocolate.

17. Or Chinese food.

18. Or a massage.

19. Honestly I could go for all of the above.

20. I would drop out and become a stripper but I have no rhythm.

21. Maybe that'll be my thing, the uncoordinated stripper.

22. *Brainstorms different stripper names.*

23. Buzzfeed articles have news related stuff in them, going on their website is helping me learn!

24. *Takes quiz on what kind of potato I am.*

25. This is not going to end well.

26. I will regret my decisions in the morning.

27. I need a drink.

28. Or 12.

29. Life is ruff *scrolls through pictures of cute puppies*

30. Okay no more distractions, time to study

31. Okay I'll do that once I read all these tweets

32. Let me check Instagram one more time even though its 2 A.M. and I'm almost certain no one is posting anything

33. Oops, it's 2 a.m.

34. Might as well give up and try this all again tomorrow