20 Thoughts All College Students Have According To "Grey's Anatomy"

20 Thoughts All College Students Have According To "Grey's Anatomy"

We are full of stress, on the verge of breakdowns, and always pulling all-nighters.

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This is has been one of the hardest semesters of my life, and I can't deny that I would be more than happy to have this one over already. So, in the spirit of putting my homework off a little bit more, I decided to let the characters of the beloved "Grey's Anatomy" express the life of a college student. The show and this semester seem like they both will last forever. At least "Grey's" Thursdays make this semester a little more bearable.

1. When the tears won't stop

Because some nights it just feels like they won't stop, and your stress only increases.

2. When you bomb a test

Hey, no one's perfect.

3. When you just need to dance it out

Grab some friends and dance it out for a study break.

4. When the professor goes over the material for the next test

You can blame the outburst on lack of sleep and coffee in your system.

6. When you talk to yourself in the mirror

Why did you put off that assignment? Why did you eat the entire bag of chips? Why did you hit snooze?

7. When you think about going to the gym, but the pizza is too good

I think I'll go to the-- nevermind, I like pizza too much.

8. When you fight the urge to drop out

If you feel everything all at once, then you surely will drop out.

9. When you are up late doing homework while you cry your heart out

Just for a minute so you can get at least some work done before you collapse in exhaustion.

10. When someone tells you to smile more

Being happy all the time is a lie. I tend not to smile too much before 10 a.m.

11. When you get invited to another event

No food, no me. College kids like free food.

12. When you contemplate skipping class and try to think of an illness

To call in sick or get up and get ready? That is the question.

13. When you aren't fast enough to register for the later morning class and get stuck with the one at the crack of dawn

Cause getting your first choice in classes is so rare.

14. When your mom hangs up on you after telling her you are dropping out for the 117th time

Guess the joke was on me then.

15. When you walk in to take your final exam

Fighting a losing battle...

16. When you see an animal on campus

Because dog cuddles make any day better.

17. When you find the momentum to keep going

We are not quitters! We can make it!

18. When you light a fire under your own tail

Overcome that crap. Identify the problem, and make efforts to fix it.

19. When you have to explain the mental breakdown in class to your professor

All emotions run just a little bit too high sometimes, especially around midterms and exams.

20. When it is finally Thursday

When the Grey's Anatomy logo comes up on our TV, me and the roomies just can't contain our excitement.

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