31 Thoughts You Have When You're Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed
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31 Thoughts You Have When You're Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Why does my face still look like a chipmunk?

31 Thoughts You Have When You're Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed
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I recently just got my wisdom teeth removed a week ago. Nice way to start the summer right? I was honestly ready to get my teeth out because they had been giving me trouble and I was over it. So, literally right after I got finished with school for the summer, I headed to the dentist's office instead of the beach.

I was a little scared the night before and the morning of surgery. I am bad about overthinking small situations, and boy I was steading over thinking this simple procedure. Little did I know that the surgery part is the easy part, it is the after surgery part that is awful. Well, it is not that bad, but it is not pleasant either.

You look like a chipmunk, your mouth is so numb, nobody can understand what you are saying, and blood is dripping out of your mouth. If you are about to have your wisdom teeth taken out, do not worry over it. It really is not as bad as everyone says it is.

For me, it was just a very irritating three days of being numb and uncomfortable.

Thoughts the night before surgery.

1. It can't hurt that bad, can it?

2. What if something goes wrong?

3. What if I do not wake up at all?

4. What if I die? That will suck.

5. If I sneeze will my stitches come out?

6. What's the worst that can happen?

Thoughts the morning of surgery.

7. Oh boy, here we go we are really doing this.

8. Will I feel it?

9. Will I wake up during surgery?

10. What if I bleed to death?

11. I hope I don't say something to somebody that I'm not supposed to say.

12. Will the anesthesia work on me? Will I fall asleep?

Thoughts during surgery.

13. Take a deep breath you are fine.

14. This isn't so bad.

15. I'm feeling sleepy. Goodnight.

Thoughts after surgery.

16. Y'all are done already?

17. That did not take long at all.

18. That was not bad at all I hardly feel anything.

19. OK, maybe I should hold on to something while I am walking.

20. Wow, I am numb.

21. Please stop taking pictures and videos of me, dad.

Thoughts the day after surgery.

22. Where are my pain pills?

23. Why is there still blood in my mouth?

24. Am I allowed to swallow?

25. My mouth feels weird.

26. Why do I still look like a chipmunk?

27. What if I choke on my stitches.

28. When can I brush my teeth? I NEED to brush my teeth.

29. Maybe I'll lose a little weight while being on a liquid diet.

30. My mouth better not give me any more trouble in the future now that my wisdom teeth are out.

Thoughts a week after surgery.

31. OK, the swelling is going down a little.

32. I can actually eat normal food.

33. Well, I can only to soft foods, but we will get back to normal eventually.

34. Ah, I can feel my mouth again.

35. What was I worried about again?

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