Mid terms have either just begun, or are wrapping up. No matter your major, or year in college, we've all had at least one or two of these thoughts before.

I took 4 ibuprofen, why do I still have this headache?

I'm running out of money, so I have to eat somewhere with a dollar menu.

Did we listen to this lecture already?

Can I take a nap yet?

That exam either went really well, or I have to withdraw from the class.

Has the cafeteria food always been this nasty?

Did we even lecture on this?

I had two papers to write and an exam to study for, but I napped instead.

What is happening? Why is this happening?

Did I nap in through that lecture? I think I fell asleep during that lecture.

It's 40 degrees out, why are you wearing shorts?

It's 60 degrees out, why are you wearing a puffy coat?

Don't take up the whole sidewalk. Single file line. Move it.

Is that a dog? Oh my god this is the happiest day of my life, it's a dog.

I'm walking in front of your car, I don't even care if you hit me.

Please don't walk in front of my car, I don't want to hit you.