The 5 Thoughts every Girl has while shopping in sephora

Why are these beauty rewards so tiny?

You know the feeling when you spend a ton of money at Sephora and then get a ton of beauty insider points you can't wait to spend? When the time comes to finally pick them out, you realize they are the tiniest looking things in the world. Although small and your points are all gone after buying one or two things, getting small rewards is better then nothing, right?

Why do all the people who work here keep following me around?


I am quite aware that it is your job to help customers, but I don't appreciate when your in my space during my whole shopping adventure. Makeup searching is already stressful enough so as it is, but if your up in my space for the whole duration of my trip, my skin will be far too sweaty to try out that new foundation. If I can't try it, I won't buy it. And hey, you want to make sales, right?

Is buying designer makeup even worth it in the long run?


Yes, darling, that Dior lipstick in 999 (red) is just calling your name. You throw it in your basket, but think to yourself. Is it even worth it to buy designer makeup? Would the world stop spinning if you switched to drugstore? You come to the conclusion that you should just switch to drugstore - your wallet would thank you anyway. You thought you would stay true to yourself and go splurge on some makeup at Walmart. That is, until you give in and run right back to Sephora within days.

How much do their employees get paid?


Instead of searching for your makeup, you stand in awe watching a young employee do a customers makeup. You wonder how much money she gets paid. After all, she probably has to give dozens of makeovers to people in a day. Wouldn't that get tiring after a while? After being caught staring, you move along with your basket of makeup. The thought stays with you, though. Oh, and what if they make tips, too. After all, it may sound like a good job. Where can I apply?

Why don't you guys ever have any sales?


Everything in your store feels like its causing a major debt in my bank account. I can buy just one thing and be fine, but after that, it seems to go downhill fairly quickly. You only have one sale a year, and other than that you rarely have sales on items. On the rare occasion that a sale does happen, its on the items no one buys. Oh, if only they knew how much more money they'd be making if their prices were a bit lower.

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