What Are Instagram Live Streams Like?

We've all been there: We're watching the highlight life reels of our followers and people we follow on Instagram through the Story feature on Insta's app. You're watching and skipping, watching and skipping some more. Then, you come across an Instagram live. Perhaps you watch one from a celebrity you admire, or maybe you watch one from someone you personally know. Chances are that you've probably done one yourself.

I'll admit: I've only recently become acquainted with making live streams myself. (I'm personally more of a fan of just watching them, tbh.) Anywho, I had a lot of thoughts while making and even watching recent live streams, so here 8 thoughts/take-aways that I have had about Instagram Lives.

How the hell do you start an Insta live?

"How do I technology?" - Doggo


Like legit, how do I start this whole thing? Where is it in the Instagram app? It took me a solid minute to find the Live feature in the story mode of IG, no joke.

How do you set up the dual live stream thingy? (I'm a child, okay?)


I legit had no idea that you're supposed to send a request to the person who started the live stream AFTER the live stream starts. Like WTH? Who redesigned the IG app (*ahem, Facebook) and did they create a "how to" manual for live streams?

What's the perfect angle for me?


Like, come on y'all. Nobody wants to look like a damn fool on IG and in front of the whole world (meaning the three rando followers who are watching your Live) to see.

Do I have a double chin? Crap, yes I do!

Love you Benedict, even with that double chin <3


Double chins are the bane of everyone's social media existence, period.

How do celebs make this crap look so easy?

Kim K is a social media goddess. Don't DM me because you know it's true.


Celebrities make it seem as if doing IG Lives is easy as heck. Um, no they're not! (Guess they have their assistants help them?)

Dude, I look like a dork right now...

This article is secretly a Benedict Cumberbatch appreciation post y'all #sorrynotsorry


Do you ever just watch yourself on the Live feed? Yeah, me too. Not all the time, of course, but it's just... weird. It makes me feel self conscious, ya feel me?

Why did the screen just freeze? Why can't I hear the sound?

Bravo Andy, Bravo *claps*


Technology sucks, fam. It really does. Even with the supposed supercomputers that phones are supposed to be, we still experience problems with video technology. And let's face it, we all wanna be Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec at some point, am I right?

F*** this! I'm going back to Facetiming my friends!

Ugly Facetime faces are the best.


No matter how badly Instagram (and Mark Zuckerburg) would like us to spend all of our time hanging out on Live streams, they're not the ideal place to sit and chat with your friends. Honestly, I'd rather stop with the Live streams and go back to regular o'reliable: Facetime.

Whether you've experienced any or all of the situations and thoughts I just described to you, you have to admit that Live streams are pretty cool (once you get the hang of them!). Happy Live Streaming!

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