For The College Student Coming To Grips With Their Last Semester

For The College Student Coming To Grips With Their Last Semester

Right now, it's Tequila Tuesdays, Wine Wednesdays, and Thirsty Thursday. But that's about to change.

Shelby Packard

Christmas break has come to a close after weeks of dodging and swerving the daunting questions of how school is going, what your relationship status is, and any big future plans you may have, you’re on track to go back and finally achieve that over-priced degree. You survived the holidays successfully coming up with sub-par answers to please everyone asking but now that the semester is here what is your action going to be?

You're probably thinking...

So Now What?

You spent four years with no solid plan, be honest you never planned further than that midday nap and now you are expected to know exactly what direction you want to take with your life and where you want to end up. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. Be easy, all good things take time and the right doors open up exactly when they are supposed to. You have something new and creative to offer to the table where ever you go and who cares if where you want to go is unconventional. Who cares if you want to travel first and use pocket change to get where you are going, that’s awesome.

When Exactly Do I Have To Get My Own Health Insurance? Is it Socially Acceptable If My Mom Still Makes The Appointments?

It’s 26 years old, right? But then what? Does my job provide it? Does it cover extreme hangovers? Are these dumb questions? Can my dentist still send my reminder card to my mom so she makes sure I show up for my teeth cleaning? Maybe I can just hire my mom as my personal secretary so that she still handles my business.

What Jobs Don’t Open Until After Noon?

The beauty of college was you got to make your own schedule, which is beautiful until you realize the real world wakes up at 6 a.m. Tuesday pints was fine when you didn’t have class until noon the next day but now you have to start saying things like “sorry guys I have to wake up early for work” and look at the face of disappointment from your friends. Then you start Googling what careers don’t make you show up to work until noon, and almost all of them read “How To Start Your Own Business.”

How Long Can I Keep Coming To This Bar Until It Gets Creepy?

The last semester of college really hits you hard, especially when you realize you will eventually have to say goodbye to that same bar you have been going to every Thursday. Everything in that bar starts to seem surreal, you start to notice things you haven’t before like when did Tommy write his name on the pool table? Why did Tommy even do that? Remember that girl in the bathroom that one night that gave you the most exhilarating life talk? All of a sudden that DJ that actually sucks and plays “Closer” three times in one night is the best damn DJ you have ever heard and you find yourself trying to give him a hug at the end of the night.

Just remember, after your last semester, one way or another, we will: figure out something to do with your education, get health insurance eventually (you have more time than you thought), still wake up earlier than you'd like, and discover you'll always find a bar to call home in time.

For now, enjoy the moment.

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