Every college student has to go to a boring lecture, and every student has a class they have to sit through since it’s required for their degree. Some days it’s not bad since all you have to do is sit and listen. Sometimes you really don’t feel like going or putting up with it so here are my thoughts during this college lecture.

Do I really need to go to this lecture?

I have one class left to skip and still get an A…

I have to go in this time….

It’s so boring.

Nope I’m not going to need this stuff in the real world.


I would rather be home right now.

Did he really just joke about using explosives?

I guess that is kind of funny.

No one cares about this subject.

I’m not using this stuff in the field I’m in.

Can this class be over with already? Really 45 minutes left?

Please time go by faster….

I already have enough issues, and now I have to add this boring lecture to it.

The class only counts attendance some, and the next pointless class I can skip.

I already took this class, and I wish I could take the test and be done with it.

Been there, done that, and heard the lecture already.

I can’t believe I’m retaking a class I didn’t need to retake.

Nothing new there at all.

Don’t fall asleep...don’t fall asleep.

All I have to do is register the fact that I was there.

3 classes left; I can do it.

I feel like doodling just like the girl next to me…

Please let this be done already.

Almost done with today, and then I can go home.

Finally he gave us the attendance code.

That is one hour and fifteen minutes of my life I'll never get back...

And those are just some of my thoughts during a lecture. There is more but you get the point. Getting an education at college is important and some lecture classes are necessary. But it will be worth it to get a degree in the end.