This is no trip to Grandma's house or summer camp. You're going to need a lot of stuff because, for the first time, you're leaving home, and you're not totally sure when you'll be back. But a lot more is going on than just thinking about what to pack.

1. I don’t need food anymore

Buying food you can't take with you doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

2. The house seems like it’s never been explored

The sudden feeling of panic that you haven't seen every inch of the house sets in.

3. Thinking of all the things you wanted to do over the summer

There were a lot of things on the list that probably didn't get crossed off this year.

4. It’s as if this is the ending to your childhood

If "Toy Story 3" didn't prove that, I don't know what could.

5. Your home is no longer permanent

Changing your Amazon Prime shipping address is surprisingly emotional.

6. Responsibilities don’t seem as bad

You'll be leaving soon enough, and thinking about your siblings doing your chores puts a smile on your face.

7. You can’t have it all

You never thought you'd have to choose what to keep and what to leave behind.