No matter if you're a first year or second year, we're all in the same boat. Maybe the second years are a bit more secure in their place at the university you're at, but you're all going to cry by the end of this- let's hope it's from happiness.

1. "Is this just going to be a popularity contest? I know my pi chi told me it’s not. But that’s definitely something a popular person would say. How is there even popularity when there’s thousands of students? America please explain."

I thought going to college meant dispensing with all of the high school clique tropes. Please let me find a place with amazing girls that love me for me.


2. "Let me just pack three outfit ideas for everyday. House tours day? I will definitely be cold but I may as well pack ten dresses just in case."

30 degrees? Yeah, I'll be fine wearing a dress and no tights. I'm tough and I think I can do this. Meanwhile on the day of when I'm freezing my toes off, I will regret this decision.


3. "What if I’m dropped by all the sororities I like? Am I going to to be that girl that drops out of rush because I'm picky about the sorority I am in?"

This is your classic irrational anxiety speaking. I know that I always tend to think of the worst possible situation first, but what if it does happen?


4. "Why on earth is it fair that guys’ rush is just partying for two weeks? Yeah, I’ll admit it their pledging sucks and that’s definitely a lot longer, but our rush is horrible."

Maybe it evens out because they have to live in those disgusting fraternity houses. That's gross. On second thought, I'm glad that after bid day we won't have to worry anymore.


5. "I hope I love my new sisters and that they love me."

Many girls stay friends with their sorority sisters for their whole life. I can't wait to be a part of a sisterhood that supports me in everything I do.


I've heard horror stories about rushing (especially in the second semester cold), but I know it's so worth it to find your place. Or, if you find out that rush isn't for you, at least you will have figured it out. You're going to need to lean on your friends and be there for them during this process. In the end, everything will work out and you will find your sisters without compromising who you are.