This is Why I Rushed
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This is Why I Rushed

A response to "Why I Didn't Rush."

This is Why I Rushed
Gamma Phi Beta

Greek life is what you make of it, not what you want it to be or think it is. In an article I read recently, " Why I Didn't Rush," I think she might have had a negative vibe toward sororities. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that Greek life isn't for everyone, a lot of people join and hate it.

I might own a pair of wedges, a lace white dress, and multiple leggings and oversized tee shirts, I also never leave the house without my white Walmart Keds.

Coming from a girl who would have never classified herself as a "sorority girl" some of the reasons you didn't join were the very same reasons I decided to join-


High school was pretty decent for me, but I knew moving to a new town with no one I truly knew was going to be hard. I felt as though I didn't belong too, I was 5'6, brown hair, and my clothes weren't "designer." So I took a risk and rushed. It wasn't amazing, but I did happen to find a group of people who wanted me and in the end, they were the best choice for me. The girls I joined were the most individual girls, making everyone feel welcome. They have never forced me to dress a certain way, own certain brands, or do anything I wouldn't want to do.

Family Support:

My mom did not want me to go through recruitment to join a sorority because of what she had seen on television, she was in a band fraternity so she didn't know what it was like at all. She went through the same thing when my sister wanted to rush, but she realized it was so much more than that. She does not brunch -she collects movies and enjoys sitting at home with the dogs having movie marathons. She loves to scrapbook, not wine taste. And she has no clue why Lily Pulitzer is so expensive. But I believe that my mom is a sorority mom. She supports my sisters and me, our philanthropy, and you can always count on her to comment on your Facebook about how beautiful you look.


Now, of course, I didn't join for the dues. College is expensive, and I've been lucky with my dues not being as high as other chapters (due to us not having a sorority house), but it is worth it. My dues cover international dues and chapter dues so that we can have a good semester or a kick a$$ philanthropic event.


Mixers and Formals are the best. (However, during recruitment, we aren't really supposed to talk about it.) But they really are the highlight of a semester. I can still remember my first mixer and every single one of my formals. It's nice to know that after a stressful week, or Tuesday, you can go out with your sisters/best friends and just have a good night. It's a good way to get your mind off of things.


You might think going through recruitment as a potential new member (PNM) is stressful but being a sister is even more. We want you to like us, and you know for a fact, that you, too, are judging us. You walk into a room and instantly look at the decorations, our outfits, our shoes, and hear our chants. You form your opinion of us. Therefore, judging us. We score you, but through the process, you get to score us too. It's not just about if we want you, it's also about if you want us.


When I joined my sorority they told me it was great to put on your future job applications and I have 100 percent taken advantage of that. Just recently I found out that my managing editor for Odyssey was also a sister, and instantly I felt at ease and more comfortable with her.

But it's not just your sorority you have connections with, the Greek community has each other's backs. We all share a special bond.

Time management:

Being in a sorority has taught me a lot about time management. I might not be that great at it, I am getting better. For the past four years, I have followed a schedule, had jobs, been an active sister, write for Odyssey, and maintained a 3.5 GPA all while being a full-time student. It has not been easy, but it has prepared me for what life will be like when I graduate... BUSY.

It's not all scary door chants, matching white pants and pastel colored blouses, drinking till you puke, or hooking up with guys... it's a lot deeper than that. Each organization has values (mine has four), a philanthropy, and a connection with their campus and their community. We are all apart of something bigger than ourselves and it's an honor to be a Greek woman.

I'm not saying you made the wrong choice, I mean I thought about quitting every now and then. But I'm glad I rushed and I wouldn't trade it for the world. My sorority taught me a lot and gave me a lot -memories, friends, and experience. But you never know what something is truly like until you open your mind and decide to give it a chance.

So if you're thinking about rushing, do it. It doesn't hurt to test the waters, but if you don't tip your toe in you'll never know.

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