This Is The Kind of Guy You Really Want
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This Is The Kind of Guy You Really Want

...Because this is what will matter in the end. Not what color hair he has, or what kind of car he drives.

This Is The Kind of Guy You Really Want
By Tezza Photography

You're going to want to wait for the man who will love you in all your forms. You do not want to settle for someone who doesn’t like that “one thing” about you, my dear.

You will want to be with someone who loves your little quirks, or tattoos, or nose ring; someone who smiles at the way you love ketchup, but hate tomatoes, and can rarely take a serious picture.

I know that you will want to hold out for the person who loves the way your hair always naturally curls a little unevenly on the right side, someone who loves how you drink tea over coffee in the morning- even if he doesn’t understand it.

You're going to want to wait for the guy who loves that birthmark behind your left ear or the way your freckles are sprinkled on your nose like summer snowflakes, or how you always laugh a little too loudly when you find something funny.

My dear, you do not want to settle for someone who doesn’t love your morning face, or your lazy Saturdays, the ones that are never complete without your favorite old sweatpants and too-large T-shirt. I hope he lights up when he sees you, whether you're dressed up, or dressed down.

If he ever raises a hand to you, forgets that you deserve to be treated like a princess, or that no, means no, promise me you will kick him to the curb right then and there, love. Anyone who forgets how to respect you has forgotten how to love you.

You will want to be with someone who makes you feel safe.

Someone you can trust with your life, who always has your best interest at heart, my dear.

You're going to want to wait for the person who adores the way your eyes light up at the little things, someone who loves your long hair, but would still love you- and it- just as much if it was cut short, because he's not in love with your hair, he's in love with you.

Believe me when I tell you that you're going to want to be with someone who knows exactly what to do when you’re ugly crying over nothing at all. Because a guy who knows what to do in a situation like that, knows you and can be trusted with your heart.

I know you’re going to want to be with a man who will make you laugh.

Especially whenever you feel like crap, or are in a bad mood.

You’re going to want to be with the guy who knows what your favorite food is, and why. You're going to want to be with someone who loves the sound of your voice and would do anything to hear it, even if it was just one more time.

I know you're strong, but there will be days where you will need someone alongside you, making you stronger; someone to challenge you, to be with you, to love you. Someone to stand next to you during the hard times, who will help you rise, even when you don't feel like it.

My dear, you're going to want to wait for the person who wants to adventure with you, even if that means a 3 a.m. Sheetz run. Sometimes the spontaneous moments are the best moments. Wait for the guy who knows how to surprise you in the best ways possible.

Find someone who wants to write a song about you, and if not literally, at least figuratively.

Wait for the person who puts you in his art, whatever that may look like because to be someone's muse is one of the greatest gifts anyone could ever give. He will have left little pieces of you in everything he creates or does, sometimes even without realizing it. If that isn't a beautiful thought, I don't know what is.

You're not going to want to be with someone who makes you feel small. Trust me. I know that a person can only make you feel inferior if you give your consent to such things, but anyone who purposefully belittles you is not someone you want to fall for, my dear.

You're going to want a guy who is strong and dependable.

He doesn't have to be a weight-lifter or a lifeguard, all that matters is that he can carry your heart without ever intentionally dropping it.

You'll want someone who will rub your back and play with your hair when you're not feeling good, or just can't fall asleep. Someone who will do what he can to make you feel better, even if all you need is a hug.

Additionally, you deserve someone who hugs you without the least bit of selfishness in it, someone who thinks about your well-being and how much he loves you when he holds you, not just someone thinking only about his own personal desires.

You deserve someone who fights for you and your happiness, even more than their own, because you make them that happy. You deserve someone who wants you, body, mind, soul, and spirit, but mostly the latter three.

One day, he's going to come home to you dancing in the living room after a long day.

Maybe it will be with your kids or your dogs, or maybe it'll be just you, waving a dusting cloth around, doing more dancing than cleaning.

And in that moment, he'll remember exactly why he fell in love with you. I hope he drops everything to kiss you and tell you exactly that.

Whether you forgot to shave your legs or decided not to wear makeup that day, wait for the person who will love you, in all your forms, no matter what; who thinks each and every part of you is beautiful, just the way you are. This guy will know that the girl he falls in love with now, is going to change a lot over the years, and can't wait to grow and change right along with you.

Everything he is to you, you're also going to want to be for him; you're going to want to give love just as much as you want to receive it. Just don't forget to love yourself in the process, because you're the one who will live with yourself the longest, sweetheart.

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