I've recently been putting a lot of thought into my future. Where I'll be in five or even ten years from this very moment. But I've also decided that I'm not going to worry about it anymore.

No more stress about the future because nothing good ever comes of it. I'm sick of stressing over if I'll get worthy enough grades, or if I'll land a decent job, or any job at all. Yeah, these things are important, but I've decided that I'm going to do my best, and whatever happens is what's supposed to happen.

Why should any adolescent have to sit there and be constantly stressed about what their future is going to look like? We're too young to be this stressed. We need to just put forth our best effort into everything that we do, and know that it's going to be okay. I'm attending a great school only an hour away from one of the largest and greatest cities in the world. The opportunities are endless, and this is the only thought that should be in my mind. Not that maybe my grades aren't good enough, or my resume is not going to be long enough.

I need to worry about the present.

What makes me happy and keeps me as stress-free as possible. I will not sacrifice my happiness and sanity for anything, and it's taken me until now to realize that.

I'm going to continue working hard and doing what's best for me and my happiness—and I think that is what's most important.