If You Think Are Too Much To Be Loved, You’re Wrong.

If You Think Are Too Much To Be Loved, You’re Wrong.

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” – Michael Scott


When you think you are too much to be loved, too outspoken, too independent, to hard to handle, know this…there is no such thing. When you are told you deserve better, they aren’t wrong and it isn’t a cliché to help you feel better, take their advice and run with it. When you voice your opinions and take your stance and they push you to the side and act like you are nothing, you won because someone that wants to control another inferior to them won’t give a strong headed individual the time of day. You never have to apologize for being your own person, for coming to your own conclusions and not falling into the manipulations of others, that does not make you hard to love that makes you rare to come by. When you are a woman that can decide for her and not need the validation of your man by you and the attention that doesn’t feed you but yet hinders you from your own growth, you are not hard to handle, you are powerful. When you are a man with your heart on your sleeve showering a woman with pure intentions and giving her your undivided effort, you are not coming on too strong you are just giving your efforts to a girl who has not yet come across a man.

When you think you give too much and expect too little. If you believe all you have to offer isn’t of use to anyone, isn’t valued or treasured, you’re just spending your time around others who don’t believe they can give you the same. You should never have to apologize for everything you are. You should never have to diminish anything about yourself to fit the comfort of someone else. If another makes you feel like you’re too much to be loved if they are scared to commit because they’re scared to love you does not have anything to do with you. Let them pass be, someone will meet you in the water you should never have to settle and go back to them at the shore. It doesn’t matter how much you care for them, how long you are willing to spend the patience proving where you stand, if they cannot even fill themselves they’ll never be able to fill the love you deserve. Recognize that, appreciate them for who they are, love them through their faults but never give to something that only takes.

When you think you are too independent to deserve someone else’s love, you’re wrong. Just because you do not think to send that good morning text every day doesn’t make you a prime candidate for someone else. Just because you won’t stop going out or cut off all contact with the opposite sex is not a reason for someone to not love you. Stick to your power and your independence, a real grown up will be secure within themselves and see all the rare beauty you offer and won’t ask you to change any of that.

When you think you are too much to be loved, you are wrong. Maybe you have been told time and time again how rare you are, that you deserve the best but yet the best never seems to commit, it's not you I promise. Being scared of love is the biggest form of cowardliness on this earth; you are just too mature for the individuals you spend your time with. Let them bring to you the lessons that they will and then let them go, you are too full of life to be half loved and too rare to be handled by anyone who doesn’t truly understand the beauty before them. It is okay to be turned down because you are too much, it is never okay to conform and belittle yourself to fit someone else’s security. Be too passionate, be too outspoken, be too wild, too energetic, too independent, too out-going, to loving. Be too much, but never settle for too little because someone will see you for everything you are, and they’ll want it all.

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