Think About Your Personal Impact on the Earth
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Think About Your Personal Impact on the Earth

are orbeez bad for the environment

Think About Your Personal Impact on the Earth

Pollution is the major problems that we are confronting nowadays because of the advancements in technology. From children’s toys to our luxury lifestyle everything is putting a pressure on the earth and its health. For example if you will ask are orbeez bad for the environment then they are not of course being their bio-degradable nature. But at the same time they can easily clog the water streams which is how they can pause threat to the earth. At the same time AC, Cooler, vehicles and other luxury items are also emitting very harmful gases and compounds which pollute the earth. Today we will talk about our personal impact on saving the earth. But we can do on our personal level that will impact the earth and save it from getting polluted and damaged.

Reusing, recycling and reduce can preserve the earth from damage

This is a very cliché and conventional statement yet very important for preserving the environment. We can follow this reuse, recycle and reduce on personal level to protect the environment and load on the earth. For example products made up of plastic if used time and again in reuse process it will bring down the load on tress. Using paper by recycling it for making newspapers can again cut the load on trees for making paper. Similarly we can also lower down the use of plastic bags in reduce option to again save the earth at personal level. So each one of us strive towards reuse, reduce and recycle to maintain the serenity of our nature earth.

Using bicycle for short distance can lower air pollution

Using bicycle for travelling short distance can bring down the use of non-renewal sources of energy. As a result it is possible to save the natural resources on personal level by adopting to this idea. Using other ways like public transportation instead of cars for long distances can also be a good contribution at personal level to conserve the nature and earth of course. Keeping these points in mind can bring a lot of relief to earth from pollution that we can do on individual level easily.

Rain harvesting can be a good step to preserve environment at personal level

Another big thing to impact the earth on personal scale is water harvesting through rain water. It is very easy to harvest rain water and this water is easily used for watering the plants when we face shortage of water. This is how we can reduce the load on natural water resources on our personal level. There are many people who indulge in regular water harvesting and even they have proper tanks and other projects for the same. So this is a great initiative for every person on his individual level to conserve water and therefore protect the earth from getting damage by reducing the pressure on natural resources of earth.

Plantation regularly at personal level will bring a solace to nature mother

Planting tress is very important when it comes to save the earth by our personal level to show how efforts of every person can impact the earth. If we will bring positive efforts they will impact the earth in positive manner and vice-versa. We can take a pledge to plant a tree every month or year if not in month to give something for our future generations. In case you do not have space to plant big tress you can try planting pot plant also. This is how individual contribution towards nature can impact the earth a lot.

Relying of renewal resources more than non-renewal resources of energy

There are two types of resources for energy one is renewal and other is non-renewal and we should always strive to rely on the former. This is because there are very limited non-renewal resources on this earth. We are already running short of them and if we will continue to put the entire pressure on them they will see a dead end very soon. So make sure to use only renewal source of energy. We can try this at personal level to impact the earth in positive manner by protecting it from damage.

Lowering the consumption of electricity as much as possible

Saving electricity at personal level is another big change that can impact the earth. Switch off the lights whenever it is possible. Also make sure to cut your electricity consumption why not relying on AC and such big equipment all the time.


To conclude we can say that trying above things at personal level we can impact the earth to a significant way. At the same time if we will do everything opposite to whatever said above it will again impact the earth to same extent in negative manner. It is the duty of every individual to conserve the mother earth by contributing his or her to the best.

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