17 Things That, Somehow, Your Mom Was 100% Right About

17 Things That, Somehow, Your Mom Was 100% Right About

Yep, that guy was an ass.

For some reason, we never want to believe our moms are right. Somehow, "they don't know our lives" or "they just don't understand" even though they have been through all the ages we have been and then have had 20+ years to reflect on them.

Mom, I know you already know this, but you were right.

1. That guy was an asshole and not worth my time

I know you said this about 100 times, but you have to understand, the guy who secretly had a girlfriend and tried to date me anyway made a really compelling argument the second time around!

2. And there was definitely something a little "off" about that girl

I still don't know how everyone you said in elementary school was a "bad influence" on me now has a drug problem, unplanned child, criminal record or some combination of all 3, but you truly hit the nail on the head.

3. That hairstyle looked absolutely ridiculous

I'm not sure why I used to give myself fake bangs out of my full-length hair or clip in colorful streaks (while leaving the clip in plain sight), but my 12-year-old self thought I looked amazing. But as you warned, I did not.

4. I should have just stuck with lip gloss

I know you said I could only wear lip gloss as makeup for a while, but for some reason, I was adamant about creating inch-wide eyeliner marks on my eyes, bright pink blush and red lipstick. Looking back, I most certainly should have listened.

5. I needed a coat all of those times

"I have long sleeves, I'll be fine!" Nope.

6. Sending thank-you notes is a necessary part of being an adult

What I used to consider an over-bearing waste of time is now something I feel like a complete and total asshole if I don't do. It is still tedious, but very necessary.

7. Cleaning your space on a regular basis is not "a waste of time"

As annoying as it is, sometimes (regularly) I need to deep clean my room and bathroom. I still hate it, but boy is it important.

8. I may still fail to do it, but I understand the importance of separating my laundry

My pink shirts that used to be white are angry I still refuse to abide by this law, but don't think that doesn't mean I don't know you're right about it.

9. Just because I fit inside of those pants does not mean that they fit

There is a vast difference between the two, a difference that needed to be hammered into my head.

10. None of the things I thought mattered in middle school ended up mattering

You were right: Missing one 7th grade volleyball game didn't ruin my athletic career or social status. How did you know?!

11. I am not going to be single forever

There were a lot of times in high school after I'd been kicked to the curb (by yet another man you told me was a waste of time, yes, I know) that I started believing that maybe I'd never find anybody to love me. But guess what? Someone did! You knew it!

12. That rumor in high school never amounted to anything earth shattering

It seems like the end of the world while its happening, and even though it meant nothing to me when you said it, nothing ever came of it.

13. My metabolism slowed down and my eating habits came back to haunt me

You were right that pizza three times a week was not a sustainable choice and would eventually come back and haunt my lanky body, and the freshman 15 (40?) definitely proved that one to be true. Oops!

14. Immediately blowing the money I made was not a fiscally responsible decision

"But I earned it!" wasn't a good excuse when I got my first ever paycheck at Abercrombie and is not a good excuse now.

15. I have realized how infuriating it is when people don't clean up after themselves

"You'll realize how annoying it is when your kids leave dishes out in your clean house!" Nope, all it took was a roommate with the inability to wash a dish to realize you were right about that one!

16. A good night's sleep can fix just about anything

Sickness, stress, you name it: Going to bed helps some.

17. My mom is "cool"

All those times you said that you were a cool mom, well, I guess your streak stays alive because you were pretty damn right about that one, too.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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Your Success Is Not Your Own

It's time to admit you aren't alone in this thing we call life.

I have a challenge for you.

First, sit down and take a minute to think about everything your parents have done for you throughout your life. Think about every dinner they ever made for you, and every dinner you made for yourself with the food they bought and stocked your home with. Think about every extra curricular activity they showed up for, and everyone they had to miss to help pay for your equipment for that activity. Think about the times that you were sick and they provided you with medicine and a warm bed to get better, or took you to the doctor when you weren’t getting better. Think about the homework assignments that they spent hours helping you with, and the ones they helped you with in 30 seconds just by answering a single question. Think about the money they gave you for lunches, the lunches they packed for you, and the food they provided so that you could pack your own lunches. Think about the times you called them because you forgot your gym clothes and they brought them into school for you so that you wouldn’t get a zero for participation, and think about the times they couldn’t bring the clothes in for you because they were at work, striving to earn enough to buy you those gym clothes in the first place. Think about those times when you fought with them and told them that you hated them, and remember that they kept on loving you anyway.

For everything your parents did for you when you were little there are a million ways they have helped you in your adult life. Whether you think that your parents have nothing to do with the success you’ve achieved or you attribute every accomplished milestone to their influence in your life it’s important to remember that you wouldn’t be where you are, or who you are, today without them.

Now that you’ve thought about a few ways that your parents have influenced your past and helped mold you into your present self, I’d like you to think about the ways they are still currently influencing you. What are your parents still doing for you that is significantly improving your daily life? Are they providing you with a place to live while you finish out school or find a job that you can support yourself on? Are they inviting you to their social gatherings and introducing you to their network to help you grow your own? Are they giving you advice on what to do about the newest problem you’re encountering? Are they offering free babysitting so that your paycheck can go towards supporting your own family in other ways? Are they providing you with the kind of unconditional emotional support that only a parent can? Are they answering the phone (or calling you back) and answering the questions you’re asking with the answers you need to hear? Are they offering to help even while you’re pushing them away?

If your parents are still in your life, you aren’t doing life on your own. Like a tree, you may grow and flourish and branch out and blossom, but you wouldn’t be standing today if it weren’t for your roots.

Are you ready for your challenge? - Get up, call your parents, and thank them... for everything.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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6 Things My Mom Needs To Hear More Than She Would Ever Admit

She is a freaking superhero.

1. You are the best Mom in the world.

No Mom compares to you! You have taught strength, courage, kindness, and knowledge. But you have given us something that can't be taught...unconditional love.

2. You raised amazing children.

There are 5 of us, and we are all unique in our own ways. You have taught us to be ourselves and be amazing people. We love and cherish everything in life, as you have taught us.

3. You are the "Cool Mom."

When I talk about you, all of my friends have said "wow, you have the cool Mom".

4. You have given up a lot, and we love you for it.

Over the years, you have given up sleep, nights out, and your sanity for us kids.

5. It's your time.

All our lives you have been striving to give us everything that we could want and more. Now, it is your time to shine. It is your time to live your life. Maybe worry about us here and there, but your time is now, enjoy it!

6. You are so loved.

I love you more. Someday, I hope to be half the Mom that you are.

Cover Image Credit: Georgia Michael

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