17 Things That, Somehow, Your Mom Was 100% Right About

17 Things That, Somehow, Your Mom Was 100% Right About

Yep, that guy was an ass.

For some reason, we never want to believe our moms are right. Somehow, "they don't know our lives" or "they just don't understand" even though they have been through all the ages we have been and then have had 20+ years to reflect on them.

Mom, I know you already know this, but you were right.

1. That guy was an asshole and not worth my time

I know you said this about 100 times, but you have to understand, the guy who secretly had a girlfriend and tried to date me anyway made a really compelling argument the second time around!

2. And there was definitely something a little "off" about that girl

I still don't know how everyone you said in elementary school was a "bad influence" on me now has a drug problem, unplanned child, criminal record or some combination of all 3, but you truly hit the nail on the head.

3. That hairstyle looked absolutely ridiculous

I'm not sure why I used to give myself fake bangs out of my full-length hair or clip in colorful streaks (while leaving the clip in plain sight), but my 12-year-old self thought I looked amazing. But as you warned, I did not.

4. I should have just stuck with lip gloss

I know you said I could only wear lip gloss as makeup for a while, but for some reason, I was adamant about creating inch-wide eyeliner marks on my eyes, bright pink blush and red lipstick. Looking back, I most certainly should have listened.

5. I needed a coat all of those times

"I have long sleeves, I'll be fine!" Nope.

6. Sending thank-you notes is a necessary part of being an adult

What I used to consider an over-bearing waste of time is now something I feel like a complete and total asshole if I don't do. It is still tedious, but very necessary.

7. Cleaning your space on a regular basis is not "a waste of time"

As annoying as it is, sometimes (regularly) I need to deep clean my room and bathroom. I still hate it, but boy is it important.

8. I may still fail to do it, but I understand the importance of separating my laundry

My pink shirts that used to be white are angry I still refuse to abide by this law, but don't think that doesn't mean I don't know you're right about it.

9. Just because I fit inside of those pants does not mean that they fit

There is a vast difference between the two, a difference that needed to be hammered into my head.

10. None of the things I thought mattered in middle school ended up mattering

You were right: Missing one 7th grade volleyball game didn't ruin my athletic career or social status. How did you know?!

11. I am not going to be single forever

There were a lot of times in high school after I'd been kicked to the curb (by yet another man you told me was a waste of time, yes, I know) that I started believing that maybe I'd never find anybody to love me. But guess what? Someone did! You knew it!

12. That rumor in high school never amounted to anything earth shattering

It seems like the end of the world while its happening, and even though it meant nothing to me when you said it, nothing ever came of it.

13. My metabolism slowed down and my eating habits came back to haunt me

You were right that pizza three times a week was not a sustainable choice and would eventually come back and haunt my lanky body, and the freshman 15 (40?) definitely proved that one to be true. Oops!

14. Immediately blowing the money I made was not a fiscally responsible decision

"But I earned it!" wasn't a good excuse when I got my first ever paycheck at Abercrombie and is not a good excuse now.

15. I have realized how infuriating it is when people don't clean up after themselves

"You'll realize how annoying it is when your kids leave dishes out in your clean house!" Nope, all it took was a roommate with the inability to wash a dish to realize you were right about that one!

16. A good night's sleep can fix just about anything

Sickness, stress, you name it: Going to bed helps some.

17. My mom is "cool"

All those times you said that you were a cool mom, well, I guess your streak stays alive because you were pretty damn right about that one, too.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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This Is How Your Same-Sex Marriage Affects Me As A Catholic Woman

I hear you over there, Bible Bob.

It won't.

Wait, what?

I promise you did read that right. Not what you were expecting me to say, right? Who another person decides to marry will never in any way affect my own marriage whatsoever. Unless they try to marry the person that I want to, then we might have a few problems.

As a kid, I was raised, baptized, and confirmed into an old school Irish Catholic church in the middle of a small, midwestern town.

Not exactly a place that most people would consider to be very liberal or open-minded. Despite this I was taught to love and accept others as a child, to not cast judgment because the only person fit to judge was God. I learned this from my Grandpa, a man whose love of others was only rivaled by his love of sweets and spoiling his grandkids.

While I learned this at an early age, not everyone else in my hometown — or even within my own church — seemed to get the memo. When same-sex marriage was finally legalized country-wide, I cried tears of joy for some of my closest friends who happen to be members of the LGBTQ community.

I was happy while others I knew were disgusted and even enraged.

"That's not what it says in the bible! Marriage is between a man and a woman!"

"God made Adam and Eve for a reason! Man shall not lie with another man as he would a woman!"

"Homosexuality is a sin! It's bad enough that they're all going to hell, now we're letting them marry?"

Alright, Bible Bob, we get it, you don't agree with same-sex relationships. Honestly, that's not the issue. One of our civil liberties as United States citizens is the freedom of religion. If you believe your religion doesn't support homosexuality that's OK.

What isn't OK is thinking that your religious beliefs should dictate others lives.

What isn't OK is using your religion or your beliefs to take away rights from those who chose to live their life differently than you.

Some members of my church are still convinced that their marriage now means less because people are free to marry whoever they want to. Honestly, I wish I was kidding. Tell me again, Brenda how exactly do Steve and Jason's marriage affect yours and Tom's?

It doesn't. Really, it doesn't affect you at all.

Unless Tom suddenly starts having an affair with Steve their marriage has zero effect on you. You never know Brenda, you and Jason might become best friends by the end of the divorce. (And in that case, Brenda and Tom both need to go to church considering the bible also teaches against adultery and divorce.)

I'll say it one more time for the people in the back: same-sex marriage does not affect you even if you or your religion does not support it. If you don't agree with same-sex marriage then do not marry someone of the same sex. Really, it's a simple concept.

It amazes me that I still actually have to discuss this with some people in 2017. And it amazes me that people use God as a reason to hinder the lives of others.

As a proud young Catholic woman, I wholeheartedly support the LGBTQ community with my entire being.

My God taught me to not hold hate so close to my heart. He told me not to judge and to accept others with open arms. My God taught me to love and I hope yours teaches you the same.

Disclaimer - This article in no way is meant to be an insult to the Bible or religion or the LGBTQ community.

Cover Image Credit: Sushiesque / Flickr

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The Transitional Guide From College To Back Home, For Students And Parents

A way for you to make it through the summer and not argue with your parents.

For any college student finding it weird to adjust to being back home for summer, back where you grew up and then left, you are not alone. A week ago, you were on your own, not having to tell anyone what your plans were, and able to come and go as you please but now it may be different. Yes, you are an adult now and can make your own rules and be your own boss but keep in mind that the people you are coming to, your parents, still need to be treated with the same respect, if not more, than before you left for school.

Now, parents, with that being said, you also need to help with this transition by giving more freedom if you haven’t in the past, there is no way you and your child’s relationship is going to be a strong one if you cannot come to some kind of agreement while they are home.

Here are some things that you can do if you are worried, struggling, or are clueless about how welcoming them back home is going to go.

1. Go over some ground rules.

parents, you have to take into consideration that you student has just been on their own for the better part of 9 months. Give them some reasonable rules, maybe a "curfew" that is just calling and checking in instead of a set time to come home. Not only will this alleviate any arguments over this, but also show them that you trust them to make the right decisions on when they come and go.

2. Be mindful of other people living in the house.

With that being said, coming home at 2 a.m. and waking everyone up is probably not being very mindful nor respectful of people who have work in the morning. Just because you are on summer vacation does not mean everyone can sleep until noon every day.

3. Help with housework.

You may not have had to clean your apartment every day (or ever) but it would be nice to straighten up the house, do the dishes, start a load of laundry, or vacuum the rugs while your parents are at work. Not only will this ease the workload that they have when they come home from a long day at work but, it will also show them that you are making an effort to help them.

4. If you have younger siblings, offer to help with transporting.

Waking up at 6:50 a.m. is not ideal to drop someone off at the bus stop but, it may help your parents, so it is something to consider. Also, if they have afternoon sports after school it would be nice if you would at least offer to take them, this again is showing that you are trying to be helpful.

These are just a few things that can be done to help your family, and help you not have such an argumentative summer. Avoid the arguments, enjoy the sun, and BE HELPFUL! I am sure your parents will appreciate it more than you know.

Good luck, be safe, and have a happy summer!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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