Being the oldest sibling comes with its perks... but it mostly comes with the fact that your parents are 10 times harder on you than they will ever be with your younger sibling(s). They'll never admit it but you and your sibling both know they've got it easier than you ever did.

1. Sure, take the car

For me, taking the car meant rehearsing what to say to my parents before I could go anywhere. For my younger sibling, it means having the keys already in hand and saying "bye" halfway out the door.

2. Curfew? Barely have one

I will never know what it's like to be able to be out until midnight at 17... but my brother does. Thanks to my parents for stunting my already suffering social life.

3. Going out on a school night

When I was in high school, once I got home that's where I was staying. Watching my friends hang out on a Tuesday night via Snapchat stories got old real quick, meanwhile, my younger sibling gets to go to a game the night before exams. I'm only a little bitter.

4. Having people over late on a school night

Even better than going out on a Tuesday night is having people over. Impossible for me; so much so that hanging out with my friends past eleven on a weeknight in college was a shock.

5. The endless stream of presents

Is it just me or does it seem like your sibling always seems to have something new on them that Mom got "just because"? I still come home to hand-me-downs.

6. Not answering your parents' texts or calls

Being the firstborn requires bearing the brunt of your parents' paranoia that something tragic is bound to happen if you're out of their sight. Being the firstborn also means listening to your parents complain to you when your sibling just doesn't answer their calls or texts but knowing they won't do anything about it. Knowing that if that had been you, that phone would've been blown up in minutes.

7. Changing plans

Anybody else have to practically print up an itinerary for your parents before you even asked to go anywhere? That meant that deviating even the smallest bit from that itinerary ran the risk of getting in trouble. Imagine the horror when they called and asked what you were doing.

8. The slightest bit of attitude

We've all mouthed off to our parents but the reaction is different depending on your birth order. Firstborn kids get screamed at and grounded, second born kids get a laugh and a witty remark in response while you stand by in shock.

9. Not worrying about having to cancel their plans for you

I remember the days of canceling my plans because I had to babysit my younger siblings, something they will never know.

10. Being able to sit back and laugh at you

This stuff continues into adulthood, people.