Heading into college or even just back to campus for another semester can seem daunting when you think about all you have to pack. Figuring out what you need and getting around to buying it all gets pretty stressful, especially when you don't want summer to end.

I'm sure you have read all of the "must-have" lists that are sponsored by companies that sell back to school items. While all of those products would be super helpful to have, they are not necessities. However, these three things are what you will need this semester as you take on Fall 2018.

1. A phone case with a card holder

Or a case that you don't mind sticking your school's card holder on the back of. (I have used the school stickers before, but I like to use them on cheaper cases that I don't mind ruining.)

Either way, you will want your phone case to hold your card. I know you may love your current case and think that you can just use your wallet, but I promise you will get tired of it. You need your ID pretty much everywhere you go on campus and chances are, your phone is in your hand at all times. Another plus is that you will probably never lock yourself out of your room with your ID on your phone... Because who leaves their room without their phone?

Just save yourself the time and stress and get yourself a phone case to hold your ID.

2. A planner

Now this one may seem like a no brainer, but the better the planner, the better off you will be. With so many classes, meetings, and appointments (and more!) you will need a planner that you can rely on to keep you on track. At school my planner is my baby. Don't rely on just your calendar app, an old-fashioned planner is the way to go!

3. A reusable water bottle

This one is surprisingly more than just its eco-friendly perks! Because many of your days on campus will be long, just one plastic water bottle won't get you through the day. Instead take advantage of the water fountains all around you with your own reusable water bottle. Because the choices are endless with bottles now, you can use your bottle to make a fashion statement, too!

Going back to school can be hard. Make it easier with these three things by your side.