20 Things You Understand If You Grew Up With Siblings
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20 Things You Understand If You Grew Up With Siblings

20 Things You Understand If You Grew Up With Siblings
Know Your Memes

Siblings: Your only enemy you can't live without.

1. You're way too used to being called the wrong name

It doesn't even phase you anymore, you respond anyway.

2. Writing your name all over your food

3. But your name being on the food not mattering...

Seriously.. why do I even attempt to hide it? If you really want something you can't wait long or else there's no chance it'll be there when you go back.

4. The games you made up together got very creative

The famous Lava and manhunt weren't the only games you and your siblings played. At one point in time your sibling has probably made up a dumb game with a bunch of rules but you played along anyway.

5. You can say whatever horrible things you want to them but you would never ever let someone say something mean

Oh, you can say you hate your siblings and that they're the worst person to ever exist but the second anyone else were to say anything remotely mean about them you would kill them...that's just how it goes.

6. They are always there to bring you toilet paper and a towel when you forget one

Seriously.....THIS is what siblings are for.

7. You cling to each other at the awkward family parties

Siblings really come in handy at awkward family gatherings. It not only takes some pressure off of you when you're talking to that aunt you haven't seen in 5 years but it makes you feel so much more social when you have them to talk to because you don't feel like talking to anyone else.

8. Family pictures are nearly impossible

The moment your mom pulls out the camera you know what you're in for. There is no "just one picture" ...one picture turns into 45 because someone usually messes it up.

9. Calling dibs on showering first

You have probably found yourself calling dibs on first shower hours before you even are going to have to shower

10. Messing with them is your specialty

Whether it's "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you," telling them they were adopted, giving them wet willies, or telling them lies like if you're awake when the tooth fairy comes she'll kill you (like my sister did to me), messing with your siblings and getting messed with has made you grow to have a pretty good sense of humor.

11. You've learned how to take a punch

Especially if you grew up with brothers, you've learned how to wrestle, punch, and can now make record time for going the longest without saying Mercy.

12. There was always someone you could force to play with you

There's an expected agreement that at some points you're going to be forced to play with your siblings. Whether it's playing video games, barbies, endless board games, legos, or action figures...we've all been there.

13. You're constantly comparing yourself

While yes it sucks having to compete over being funny smart and athletic, it's nice when you screw up and can compare it to them screwing up worse.

14. Blaming things on them was too easy

If their not there when it's being asked who did it, then they did it even if it's clear it wasn't them.

15. The fight for the front seat can and will get physical

"I'm the older one" only works for so long before the younger sibling starts fighting back. Screaming shotgun, races to the car, and getting physically torn from the door handle or seat are way too familiar to you.

16. You don't get stuck with all the chores

Having siblings is the best when your mom or dad starts reading off the list of stuff they need help with. While fights might break out over who got the easier chores, it's so much better than having to do it on your own.

17. Finding your stuff in their room is no surprise

Seriously...would having siblings be a thing if you didn't get almost everything you own stolen?

18. Using them to get your way

"But you let him why can't I?" has probably been your way of getting what you want countless times; a later curfew, a cell phone, a facebook... we've all been there.

19. You've learned that you can fight about anything

Fights with siblings can break out over the dumbest thing but just because they're your sibling so you get to yell at them. It's okay though because the screaming I hate you's only last for an hour or so before you both suck it up and get along again.

20. You don't know how people grow up without siblings

Growing up with them may have been a pain half the time but at the end of the day, you're glad you got to. Especially as you get older you grow to really appreciate your siblings. You learn that they were always there for you and made growing up a lot more fun. You probably at more time than one wished you were an only child but now you realize you don't know how people grow up without siblings.

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