28 Things You Remember If You Went To Catholic Grade School
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Student Life

28 Things You Remember If You Went To Catholic Grade School

"And you blamed anything you could on the CCD kids."

28 Things You Remember If You Went To Catholic Grade School
Saint Laurence School

1. "Specials" (music day, library day, computer class, religion day, art day etc)

2. How much you looked forward to Gym Day because you got to wear your gym clothes

3. If you lived close, getting a call slip that you were getting picked up that day was the best thing ever.

4. The joy you got when the T.V. rolled in on the stand

5. Indoor Recess (it was the greatest gift in the cold weather but when you were in the mood to go out and play it was a nightmare.)

6. Snack Time was one of the main highlights of your day and don't even get me started on when your parents gave you 50 cents for pretzel boys.

7. The Job Duties (whipping the chalkboard was hands down the best job and sweeping was the worst. There were certain people with certain jobs for a week and they were to be completed every day)

8. The Homework book

9.Pizza Friday

10. Before and after lunch prayer.

11. Sitting in silence with your hands folded when you got in trouble.

12. The thrill of switching between one other teacher.

13. A rush to the water fountain after gym

14. Walking around to the other teachers on your birthday to pass out munchkins and getting "birthday stickers." There was always so much pressure on who you would pick to walk around with you.

15. Playing popcorn while reading from a book/textbook to have your friend to read the next paragraph.

16. And it was the worst when you had to sit there and read along with the audio tape your a teacher put on to read the textbook

17. Changing seats was the biggest deal and you became really close to the people in your desk group.

18. Waiting outside in the morning for the bell to ring until the temperature reached below freezing THEN you were allowed to wait inside.

19. You became especially close with the people at your lunch table.

20. Getting the letter towards the end of summer that told you who your teacher was and rushing to find out what class you're friends were in.

21. When they stopped telling you who your teacher was and left the surprise for the first day of school.

22. Lessons on how to behave during mass and having to sit "boy girl boy girl"

23. And having to go to mass the first Friday of every month.

24. The pride you took in keeping your desk clean

25. Your grade was your second family because it was the same 20-40 kids for a decade.

26. You had to write in cursive, no if's and's or but's. And you weren't allowed to write in pen until the 3rd or 4th grade.

27. The yearly Christmas pageant where every grade would sing a different song and one grade would act out a live nativity.

28. And you blamed anything you could on the CCD kids.

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