We've all gone through rejection and know how much it sucks. We lose confidence and lots of self-esteem just because of one person. It shouldn't have to be that way. We should know our worth.

Here are 20 things to say or read if you or someone else is in their bag from rejection:

1. You are beautiful inside and out.

2. You are worth it. 

3. You are amazing.

4. You are strong.

5. You are badass.

6. You are loved. 

7. You deserve the world...even though it may feel like the end of the world, it's far from it!

8. You are kind. 

9. You are incredible. 

10. Your personality is unmatched. 

11. You are better than any boy. 

12. You are special. 

13. You are the funnest person I've met. 

14. You have a beautiful smile. 

15. You make me happy. 

16. You are brilliant. 

17. You can handle this. 

18. You are the person everyone wants to be around. 

19. You are worth more than just a Snapchat streak. 

20. You are appreciated.