Mothers are interesting human beings are something can tell us things we don't want to hear but do everything for us.

1. I'm a good kid and I mean it

2. I work extremely hard, more than you think

3. You know me too well

4. I’m skinny, accept that

5. Wearing makeup or the clothes I want does not change me

6. I will never give up my morals

7. You deserve more credit for everything that you do

8. I appreciate your concern but I need to face the real world alone

9. I need my freedom and independence

10. I don’t like constantly being berated on things I that ain't my fault

11. You need to let me make my own decisions

12. My opinions matter too and maybe I’m right sometimes

13. You know your words hurt me when we argue

14. Let me be myself?  

15. I love you too much whether you realize it or not 

16. Thank you for everything that you do!