Things We Will Always Have To Explain To Men

Things We Will Always Have To Explain To Men

Some of the things they will never stop asking, and us ladies will never have to stop explaining to them.


1. Why we go to the bathroom in groups.

There could honestly be 5 or 6 reasons that I just went to the bathroom in a group. To talk about you, to talk about something you did, to fix my makeup, because I had to pee and I couldn't go alone, because someone else had to pee and she couldn't go alone, or to formulate a text response to someone’s boyfriend.

2. Why we are so terrible at accepting compliments.

“Oh my gosh, I love your hair. It looks so good.”

“Oh my gosh, stop. It looks so trashy right now.”

3. What we do on Pinterest.

Listen, if I payed 50 dollars for a black tulle skirt, with complete knowledge that I had no idea how to wear it, I’m GOING to search “black tulle skirt outfits” on pinterest, and I WILL spend hours picking one to wear tomorrow.

4. Why we want comfort rather than a solution.

If I want to cry on you about something I knowingly did wrong, then gosh darn it I will, and I don’t need a powerpoint presentation about how to fix it.

5. Bras.

From how often we wash them all the way to what size we wear.

6. The hate smile.

Just because that girl smiled at me, doesn't mean she likes me. There, in fact, is such thing as a hate smile, and every girl has done it and received it. (Shout out to the girl who thinks I haven't noticed she does this to me)

7. Why we put on makeup just so we can sit around and do nothing.

I look good for me, myself, and I, so if I’m by myself I will still look good.

8. Why we change outfits so many times.

Nothing looks the way I want it to, and you telling me I look good doesn't help.

9. That we don't dye our eyebrows with our hair.

For the most part, this eyebrow action is hand done by yours truly every morning.

10. Why washing our hair every day isn't good for it.

Talk to me when you have split ends down to your butt.

11. Why we want to wear their clothing.

12. Why are we always cold.

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