6 Things I'm Attempting To Incorporate Into My Life In 2019
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6 Things I'm Attempting To Incorporate Into My Life In 2019

The key word here is "attempting" ... nobody's perfect!

6 Things I'm Attempting To Incorporate Into My Life In 2019

Overall, 2018 was a successful year full of growth and maturity, and I have high hopes for the next 12 months. Instead of trying to top 2018 with some irrational, cliché, and overdone resolutions that will inevitably fall through the cracks of my busy schedule, however, I've decided to simply attempt to be mindful of a few things in 2019 that, if continuously conscious of, will most likely result in a successful trip around the sun.

1. Mental Health Matters! 

Throughout the past few months this fact has made itself more clear in my life, as I have experienced what it's like to have a not-so-healthy mental state. It's extremely important to find the time to give your mind the rest, peace, and therapy it needs in order to be successful in the rest of your endeavors. My goal, as I'm sure is everyone's goal, is to be happy. I firmly believe happiness stems from a healthy mindset. So, I'm dedicating 2019 to finding ways to feed and protect that healthy mindset.

2. The Goal Is Happiness! 

Like I said, happiness is usually what everyone is striving for, but it tends to be sacrificed and pushed aside. So in 2019, I'm saying if it doesn't make me happy, then it's not worth it! Basically for me, this just translates into making sure I don't stress over the little things, working on my positivity, and spreading more kindness than anything else!

3. Use Your Voice!

It is a rare occasion when I voice my discomfort or anxieties to people other than my close friends and family. This year, I'm working on using my voice to get me to where I want, and need, to be! Gone are the days where I'm too shy and nervous to voice my opinions and ask questions.

4. Surround Yourself With Good People! 

2017 and 2018 were the years where I found my truest and dearest friends. I not only learned what a true friend is, but I was also challenged in my loyalty and ability to reciprocate the love my friends have shown me. Because of this, I'm doing the best I can to make sure I don't lose the strong friendships I've made, and also to be open to the endless possibilities of friendships that exist outside the walls of my comfort zone.

5. Technology Detox!

After a challenging assignment requiring me to attempt a 24-hour electronic media fast, I realized how attached I am to my electronics. Though a lot of this attachment is required solely based upon the age and technological scene we live in, I'm striving towards lessening my electronic usage in order to connect more with the social world, rather than the "social media" world.

6. Early Bird Gets the Worm! 

This one may sound silly, but will undoubtedly pose a tedious challenge to my life. I love my sleep, and this winter break has shown me that my love for my bed can sometimes trump any other activities I have planned for the day. My goal for 2019 is to become a morning-ish person. Getting out of bed can be the hardest part of my day, so this year I'd like to have my cup of coffee in hand before 9 o'clock (except on weekends, of course!).

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