How to Spend your Winter Vacation

7 Activities To Keep You Busy During Winter Break

There's over a month on our winter vacation and school comes along just to end it. So, the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it.

Through the burnout of finals season at the end of the semester, we have one thing keeping us going: winter break. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and while we're at school, that's what we're pushing toward. However, being home on break is a different story. At first, the holidays may be enough to keep you busy, with trying to find last-minute gifts and spending catch-up time with the family. But after the Christmas craziness, what do you do? I always struggle with finding a balance between relaxing after a stressful semester and getting something done so I don't feel completely useless during the break. So, I compiled a list of the perfect activities to do to achieve this goal during our time off from school.

1. Catch up with friends from high school

One of the worst parts about being in college is missing the friends you used to see every day in high school. Take the opportunity when you come home to see those close to you, and find something fun to do together, from making Christmas cookies to going ice skating.

2. Get ready for next semester

Although the last thing you want to do after a busy semester is more schoolwork. However, even doing a little bit of work while you're home will make your semester so much easier. It doesn't have to be studying either. Something I do before every new semester is figure out which textbooks I need and finding prices on all of them. Even this little bit of prep work can make your life so much easier in the Spring.

3. Make some cash

Winter break is a great time to earn some money. If you had a summer job, it would be a wise idea to go back there. If not, check out my article on 10 websites and apps that can make you some quick cash for answering surveys and more.

4. Get in shape

Everyone knows the feeling right before summer when you start thinking about getting your beach body ready. Instead of cramming in last second workouts during the spring, take your free time to go to the gym and get in shape now! Lots of gyms are offering special deals for students over the winter break, so it's good for your body and your wallet.

5. Show your college friends your hometown

Don't go a month without seeing your besties from school! Better yet, invite them to your hometown if they're close and show them all your favorite places.

6. Think about the New Year

Winter Break can be the best time to reflect on the old year and figure out what you want to do in the New Year. Come up with your resolutions and make plans to put them into action before you get back into school.

7. Go to the doctor's

Got any itches, sniffles, or symptoms from the end of the semester that you can't seem to kick? Forgot to get your regular appointments in the summer? Now's the perfect time to check in and make sure you're healthy.

Don't go back to school feeling like your break was wasted. Finding this balance between relaxation and activities will make you feel refreshed and ready for the next semester.

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