During rainy days, especially in college, it is so easy to want to just crawl up in bed and not want to go to class. You start to get sad and in a “feels” mood and what happens is you waste a day away when you can really be doing some productive or that makes you happy and appreciate the rainy days. One thing to do after going to class, is to curl up at your desk, light your favorite candle, and try and finish all of your homework. This is what I do because when I finish all of my homework, it then allows me to do things that I actually want to do. After finishing your homework or studying for a test coming up, go to a workout class at the Sanderson with your friends. Not only does this allow to see your friends and interact with people, it also releases endorphins into your body which is going to make you feel ten times better! Once you get back to your house or dorm after the workout, pick out a favorite movie or tv show that you have been dying to see or wanting to finish or a while. Before watching it text your friends to come over and pop some popcorn. There is nothing better than being with your friends because no one wants to be alone on rainy days. After everyone has left and you are ready for bed, you can tell yourself that you had a successful day and did not just sit on the couch and watch movies but went to class and got prepared for the next day of class. This is what I usually do on a rainy day and I honestly do not think it gets better than that! I hope you have a dry and happy week :)