Selfish Twenties
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Selfish Twenties

I'm Waiting and I'm Living

Selfish Twenties

First off, I think every girl in their twenties should take the time to read this and I hope that I give someone some inspiration to really start living.

I've been the friend known to wear her heart completely on her sleeve and give someone everything I have. Ask any of my girl friends, they'll tell you when I love someone, I really love them. For so long, I thought that college was supposed to be where you find you "your forever" "your person," "your best friend," "your soulmate." I fought so hard for the two relationships that I've had during my college experience and they both ended up not working out. I tried so hard. At the time, of course I was completely heartbroken but then I came to realize that everyone comes in your life for a reason. It's okay if things don't work out like you want them too, seriously. I learned so many things throughout both of those relationships and I could be more thankful for them coming into my life. Sometimes, you just have to chin up, head up and keep going forward. Baby, life won't wait on you to pick yourself back up.

I learned so much about myself being alone, healing by myself, surrounding myself with friends. One huge thing that I have learned in my 22 years on this earth is that life will sure as hell knock you down when you least expect it and make you figure out how to fix it alone. I learned real quick that mom and dad can't fix everything. After coming to terms with myself, being in a relationship is truly something I just don't want right now. Let me tell you why… I'm living and I'm waiting. I'm living for the nights that I get to stay out until 3am with my best friends, I'm living for the moments I get to spend smiling and laughing with my friends, I'm living for the moments when I get to sing my heart out at concerts and dance with my friends, I'm living for the random trips to the beach with the girls, going to bed without telling anyone else goodnight except my mom, I'm living for the nights where I don't have to worry, I'm living for long drives, singing my heart out with the windows down all alone, I'm living for myself.

I'm waiting for a genuine human. Someone that shares the same energy with me, doesn't judge me for mistakes I've made, listens, someone that lives for friday nights just as much as I do, someone that lets me live. I'm waiting for that feeling you get when you just know, trust me, I've had the feeling before. I'm waiting for someone that lets me in. I'm waiting for the person that loves life just as much as I do with a kind heart. I'm waiting for good love. I'm waiting because good people will find you. Tyler Rich wrote a song called "Leave Her Wild" and I think every girl needs to wait until they find a boy that treats her like that song.

Your twenties are supposed to be the most selfish years of your life. The years you're supposed to make the most mistakes, the most memories. So many changes and opportunities are literally thrown at you all the time. When you're alone and living for yourself you don't have to worry about someone else while making all your future decisions. You don't have to feel bad about not having your whole life figured out, because really who does? I can tell you that I have never been happier than I am right now, at this moment. I am truly living a great life, learning new things about myself everyday. I've met amazing people over the past two years and have got closer with a lot of my friendships. I don't know, life is just too short to be sad. Your energy and that bright personality will attract great people. Live really hard and never stop enjoying every moment you have on this earth.

Live a good life in your twenties.

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