5 Places To Visit In Edinburgh, Scotland

5 Things Every Traveling Millennial Must Do In Edinburgh, Scotland

Go off the beaten path and create some awesome memories.


This past week, I was fortunate enough to head to Edinburgh, Scotland with a group of my best pals! I had no idea what to expect once we got there, but we were overwhelmed with the endless opportunities presented to us, both touristy and non-touristy. I put together five of our favorite activities that we couldn't have pictured the trip without.

1. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

The gals at Camera Obscura

Aubrey Clark

Our first day there, we went into the Camera Obscura Museum, which had tons of fun optical illusions to explore, including a mirror maze, art, and a light vortex to walk through. It was a ton of fun to take our minds on a trip and laugh at how crazy certain mirrors made up look. Check out their website here!

2. Elephant House Cafe

The birthplace of Harry Potter

Aubrey Clark

We went for coffee at the Elephant House Cafe! It was in this very cafe that J.K. Rowling dreamed up and wrote Harry Potter. There are pictures of her writing in the cafe which are awesome to look at. The bathrooms are also covered in messages and thank yous to Rowling from proud Harry Potter fans. Nearby is the graveyard with the stone used for Tom Riddel's grave and many names that became a part of the Harry Potter world.

3. Edinburgh Castle

Aubrey Clark

Edinburgh Castle is definitely a beautiful site! You can see over Edinburgh from the incredible look-out points, see a cannon shot off, the old prisons, war museum, and the royal crown jewels. It is on the expensive side, but you can spend hours wandering the land. It is definitely a must-do!

4. The National Museum of Scotland

Aubrey Clark

The National Museum of Scotland can take up almost an entire day! There are loads of amazing exhibits to discover. From animals, to space, to inventions, and even robots, there are endless discoveries to be made for all ages. You can wander around learning for hours, spend some time in the cafe, and pick up souvenirs in the gift shop!

5. The Cadies and Witchery Tours

Aubrey Clark

There are a ton of walking tours to try out in Edinburgh. From Harry Potter tours, to ghost tours, to the comedy killer tour we went on, there are tons to choose from. We got to see tons of the sites Edinburgh had to offer, along with learning the sinister history behind the city. There were witch trials, serial killers, and run-ins with the plague, along with some jump scares along the way. It was an absolute blast and kept us on our toes!

Overall, Edinburgh was an incredible city with unbelievable sites and activities. I definitely recommend it to travelers of all ages! Be sure to get over there and explore!

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Our Zanessa Hearts Are Full Again

For anyone who loved Zac and Vanessa together, this news is for you.


Anyone who grew up during the High School Musical era was obsessed. They loved the songs, and the movie was constantly on repeat. Nothing else was thought or talked about during the years of the High School Musical hype.

The one thing we all shared in common was our love for Zac Efron. He was the heartthrob of our generation. Nobody else could compare to him.

The only thing that made not having the unobtainable Zac Efron was the fact he was dating his co-star and onscreen love, Vaness Hudgens. That truly was what dreams were made of. If you couldn't have Zac at least he was dating Vanessa.

The ship name Zanessa came about, and HSM fans were ecstatic. What could be better than having Troy and Gabriella dating in real life? The answer is absolutely nothing.

Then once the franchise ended, Zanessa was no more. We were all heartbroken. If we couldn't have Troy and Gabriella anymore, at least Zanessa existed. But that was all over with.

It's been nearly 10 years since then, and there is hope for us all again! Well, at least a sliver of it.

Vanessa Hudgens recently came out talking about how her relationship with Zac during the filming of each movie really grounded her. She even goes to say that without him, she wouldn't have survived filming without him.

That spark of hope was enough for fans all over the world to go crazy. They really do still think of each other. And acknowledged what an influential part of their life HSM was.

For any die-hard fan like myself, this was the best news possible. Even if they couldn't be together, at least there is the possibility that they were still friends. And that is enough for someone who loved Zanessa.

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