Magical Options For Guests To Experience At Disney World That Does Not Involve Going Into A Park
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13 Magical Options For Guests To Experience At Disney World That Don't Involve Going To A Park

These options also don't cost over $100 per person.

13 Magical Options For Guests To Experience At Disney World That Don't Involve Going To A Park

If guests don't want to spend their day walking around the parks in the hot weather, here are some other options for Disney visitors to try out.

Mini Golf


Disney World has a Fantasia-themed miniature golf course for guests to play at. One of the company's waterparks, Blizzard Beach, also has an 18-hole course that is based on the park.



WDW has a huge shopping area called Disney Springs. Here,guests have options of places to shop at ranging from high-end stores to retail shops filled with park merchandise.

Hot Air Balloon Ride


Also located at Disney Springs is a hot air balloon ride, Aerophile. This attraction is available to guests of all ages, and shows its riders an amazing view of the surrounding area.

Catch A Movie


The shopping area also holds an AMC movie theater for guests to take a break from shopping to catch a film at.

Coca-Cola Experience


For only $9, the Coca-Cola Experience at Disney Springs features a cool soda experience for guests. Participants can get a tray of 16 different sodas from around the world to taste test.

Smaller Rides at Disney Springs


Here guests of younger ages can enjoy a carousel and a small train ride.



If guests are staying at a Disney property, all hotels feature a swimming pool. Depending on the resort they are staying, visitors can have access to more than one pool.

Hotel hopping


One of my favorite things to do is to visit the multiple hotels on the property. Each location has a different feel and look to the building's design. Another interesting thing that guests may not realize is that each hotel has a different gift shop selling merchandise for each specific hotel.

Animal Kingdom Lodge


This resort is for the animal lovers. This resort features live animals on its property. Visitors can go and experience an outdoor walking area where they can view animals ranging from Giraffes to gazelle.

The Boardwalk


When visiting The Boardwalk, guests can rent bikes, or play arcade games next to the water.



The Disney campgrounds offer many outdoor activities for guests. Here people can fish, ride horses, get archery lessons, and rent bikes.

Water Parks


If guests do want a thrilling ride experience, but don't want to walk through the parks in the heat of summer, they can attend two of the resort water parks.

Character Dining


Though the parks offer character dining experiences, some of the hotels on the property feature these meals as well. Located at the Contemporary resort, guests can eat breakfast at Chef Mickey's and see characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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