In collaboration with Sahiti Gellala, Mitali Bidkar, and Sophia Cherribi

1. "I'd never make my kids eat vegetables."

2. "In fact, if they wanted to, they could eat candy and ice cream at every meal."

3. "I'd buy my kids whatever they want from Toys R Us." (RIP)

I can't be the only one that went through the aisles and aisles of dolls thinking of how I'd spoil my daughter one day.

4. "My kids won't have to go bed at 8:00pm."

Because I'm not sleepy *yawns*.

5. "I wouldn't yell at my kids like that."

6. "If my kids are watching TV, I wouldn't make them turn it off after an hour."

Binge-watching habits should be cultivated early.

7. "I'd buy my kids a Nintendo DSi."

8. "I'll let my kids play with their friends whenever they want."

9. "I'm getting my kids phones when they're 10 years old." (That definitely isn't happening.)

10. "I'll let my kids sleep in until whenever they want."

11. "My kids can binge watch Netflix and play Fortnite until 2 A.M. everyday."

Ref. to listicle point 6.

12. "Making my kids do chores? What? That's never going to happen."

13. "My kids will never have to brush their teeth before going to bed."

Hello, cavities!

14. "I'd make my kids' beds everyday, they'd never have to even worry about it."

Why can't magic exist in real life?

15. "I'd let my kids have all the ice cream, cake, and other junk food their hearts desired, all day, everyday."

16. "I'd never force my kids to read books."

17. "I would never scream and be that paranoid parent when my kids start driving."

18. "Overnight school trips wouldn't even be a question; I'd encourage my kids to go."

19. "I'll never compare my kids to others."

20. "I will let my kids have their phone as long as they want and not take it away once it's 10 P.M."

21. "My kids will have the freedom they deserve."

22. "I would never yell at my kids if they get a few bad grades. A few Cs never hurt anyone."

23. "But most of all, I'd make sure my kids are taken care of and know they are loved. Because even though there are some things I would do differently from Mom and Dad, this is one thing that will always remain constant."

We love you moms and dads everywhere, and we hope we can do as good of a job as you when we become parents.