23 Things Everyone Is Doing As Soon As Quarantine Ends
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23 Things Every Gen Zer And Millennial Is Doing As Soon As Quarantine ENDS

We're all counting down the days.

23 Things Every Gen Zer And Millennial Is Doing As Soon As Quarantine ENDS
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With cabin fever driving us crazy, it's a nice thing to think about the good things to come. I asked 23 people the following question: "What's the first thing you're going to do once the quarantine is lifted?" Here are 23 of their responses:

1. Going on a long, long, long road trip to hike


Cabin fever has really hit everyone hard, so spending some time outdoors can be therapeutic.

2. Visiting my grandmother and hug her

This is the reunion everyone's waiting for! It's been so scary having to distance ourselves from others, especially from loved ones and those who are more susceptible to the virus.

3. Going out to eat — I’m tired of cooking!


I almost forgot what it's like to go to a restaurant.

4. Having sex

This is one way for quarantine to go out with a bang ;)

5. Going to the gym


Mark my words: the gyms are going to be packed after the quarantine's been lifted. You can only feel so motivated when you're working out in the corner of your living room with your parents in the other room and with the view of your neighbor mowing his lawn out your window.

6. Getting my hair done

People are going to have to fight tooth and nail for their hair appointments as soon as we're all allowed to re-enter society.

7. Appreciating the little things we don’t know we missed — the subtle freedoms

We never realize how lucky we are to have something until we spend some time without that particular thing. Hopefully, this quarantine will make all of us a little more appreciative.

8. Getting on a plane and flying as far as humanly possible


Especially after the travel ban, everyone is going to be hopping on a plane (or bus or train or scooter) to travel.

9. I’m male and I’m getting a pedicure

I feel this on so many levels; I cannot wait to treat myself again. (But remember: you can always treat yourself at home and give yourself your own mini manicure/pedicure!)

10. Deleting Zoom

I never thought I'd say this, but I actually miss physically going to class; online classes really are something else. (This response was mine, just in case you couldn't tell)

11. Going to the beach


A nice, restful beach day sounds like something we all deserve right about now. Save a spot next to your beach towel for me, please!

12. Seeing my friends — road trips and brunch with them

Ah, yes. I forgot what socializing in person feels like. Virtual happy hours just aren't cutting it anymore.

13. Not remembering what happened the first night out


This is definitely one way to celebrate the end of quarantine.

14. Going to see my dad that I haven’t been able to see

Nothing sounds better than spending time with close family and friends as soon as this all blows over.

15. Moving back to New York

Heading back to where you were before COVID (regardless of where you're from or where you were quarantining) is going to feel amazing.

16. Staying inside a bit longer just in case


You know what they say: "It's better to be safe than sorry".

17. Going shopping

The day we finally walk through the doors of our local malls will be a good day for all.

18. Giving a big hug to my close friend who got engaged over quarantine!


Forgetting about the quarantine and moving on with positivity to better days is all everyone needs right now.

19. Going to the movies

After weeks and weeks of watching Netflix on my laptop screen, it'll be nice to see a movie on the big screen with a huge bag of popcorn for a change.

20. Getting my eyebrows done


My eyebrows have definitely seen better days.

21. Hitting Chick-Fil-A

Celebratory lunch? I think yes.

22. Apartment hunting


Nothing says 'it's a new chapter of my life' like moving!

23. Hugging my boyfriend

We don't always realize it, but we really can take simple moments of physical touch for granted. Hugging someone you love and missed is going to feel indescribable.

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