Keeping Pets Safe This Summer

10 Things To Keep In Mind During The Summer If You Have Pets

Just trying to keep our furry companions safe and healthy


Although these may seem like common sense suggestions, they're too important to simply neglect to take a quick glance through.

1. Leave a bowl of cold water on your front and/or back porch

This is more for outdoor cat owners, as they can be very independent and curious; staying outside for hours at a time. On hot summer days their coat of fur can increase the heat they are retaining by just being outside, so having cold water to keep them cool and hydrated is essential.

2. Don't take your pet on a walk on pavement on very hot days

We all know how hot a blacktop can get when it's very sunny outside. If you can't walk barefoot, your pet can't either.

3. Keep your pets in at night

This is also more for outdoor cat owners, as the summer months encourages animals such as coyotes, bears, mountain lions, etc to come out at night more often.

4. Try not to leave your pets outside all day while you're at work or the beach

Whether they're on a leash or free to roam the yard, being outside in the hot summer sun all day can be very dangerous.

5. DO NOT leave your pet in the car

Not even for a quick errand. Never, ever.

6. Keep your dog on a leash

There are two sides to this tip. One is that there are more creatures/critters out in the summer, so your dog may be more inclined to run away chasing a squirrel. On the other hand, there are more people outside in general; families walking, children playing, etc. Even if you have a friendly dog, you never know if a child riding a bike will make them want to "play," which can result in a terrible accident. Just always be cautious and use a leash.

7. Check your pet for ticks!

The summer is prime time for these creatures. They can easily embed themselves in your pet's fur and over time can cause health complications such as lyme disease.

8. Set up a kiddy pool

This is more for dogs who don't mind getting wet. Leave a small kiddy pool in the driveway or in the yard for them to splash in and cool off.

9. Take them outside

If it's not oppressively hot or storming, the summer is the best time to get outside with your pet and enjoy the sunshine. Take them for a walk or play in the yard to get them moving and keep them active. This helps to prevent obesity in pets which can lead to a number of other dangerous health complications. This can motivate you to get moving each day too!

10. Love them!!

This goes for everyday, every season of the year. Love your pets unconditionally, always.

Easy enough, right?

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