22 things I’m thankful for at 22 years old
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22 things I’m thankful for at 22 years old

I have so much to be grateful for and that is ALL this blog, so if your looking for a life update and want to celebrate with me over the little good things that are going on then keep on reading!!!

22 things I’m thankful for at 22 years old
ally burnham photography

Honestly it is proven by science that giving gratitude can truly change your mindset and make you happier so I would recommend anyone sitting down and thinking of a few things they can be happier about. Just the fact that your alive is a blessing; not every day is promised!!! Anyway keep reading to see 22 + 1 extra thing that I am grateful for. Who knows maybe even one of these things is YOU, you won't know unless you read it!!!

Happy Reading


ally burnham photography

My relationship with God, it's been growing so much in this last semester of college and I couldn't be more thankful. What a perfect time to trust in him and align my life and values up with his purpose as I leave college.


ally burnham photography

For the sweet friends that I have and for the few girls, you know who you are who I've recently just become so close with and it's crazy because I felt like I've know them forever, can tell them anything, and now can't imagine what my life would be like them!!!

Manhattan, Kansas

ally burnham photography

Thankful to of had the opportunity to spend the last four years in a completely new environment and to learn and grow through that experience.


ally burnham photography

Happy to have a better relationship with some of my grandparents now that I've been in Kansas the past four years. It's been sweet getting to stay with them and spend time with them that I've never had in the past.


ally burnham photography

Happy to have a committed boyfriend who love and supports me. Honestly without one I probably would of been a much wilder child in college!!!

being intentional

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Proud of myself to have slowed down a bit this year. It maybe wasn't fully intentional because of Covid however I'm thankful to be pretty adaptable and have a positive mindset so I've been able to gain new perspective through this experience and it hasn't been half bad.

sweet sunshine

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Grateful for the sunshine. It isn't always present in Kansas but it almost never fails me in California and on the good days here I'm reminded how much I love it and can't wait to be back home. I'm a sun baby!!!!

my parental(s)

ally burnham photography

Grateful for my parents support and wisdom. The older I get the more I love them and although they are still my parents but they have also become my friends who truly have my best intentions in mind. Although I didn't always feel this growing up #strictparents

my fashion major

ally burnham photography

Thankful to have followed my heart in picking a major that I love,.. at least so far and that I think I will enjoy it's industry. I also have had to push out of my comfort zone in Kansas and find that creative community which has lead to some pretty cool experiences.

my PC

ally burnham photography

Thankful my computer hasn't died on me yet!!! Just today I accidentally spilled coffee all over it and it had a huge chunk missing from it from falling off my kitchen counter a bit ago but it's still kicking. Thankful I have a PC and also bias toward them and for my clumsy lifestyle.

being an RLA

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Thankful for free housing and dining!!! This year I'm living in the dorms again as a senior and although it's weird and I never thought I'd be back in Kenny ford I truly love it and am thankful. The other RA girls are honestly so sweet, I don't pay anything, and I've liked helping to teach a class on campus to 7 freshman girls which is the only reason I got to live here free but would 1000% recommend it and truly it isn't a hard job.

cheers to a new chapter

ally burnham photography

Excited for a new chapter to begin don't know exactly how it will unfold or 100% what I want to do but I have such faith that it will work out and will give my all in effort doing what ever I need to do that I have no doubt it will end rewardingly. Ps. Most people don't know what they are doing so don't be afraid!!!! My grandpa always reminds me that sometimes you just gotta figure out what you don't like and he still tells me he doesn't have it figured out.


ally burnham photography

Grateful for the relationships and opportunity brought to me by my sorority, photography, bible studies, Manhappenin magazine, being a college ambassador, and by being a Pink Rep

being a pink rep

ally burnham photography

Wow can I just mention again being a VS Pink Rep!!!! It has been such a rewarding college experience. I am thankful for the community/ our team, all the free clothes + pay, and the opportunities that we have been able to host or be a part of. Truly no complaints, it has been an experience I've loved every minute of and that suits me perfectly for what I love to do anyways.

SEG intern

ally burnham photography

Grateful for the opportunity to work for SEG media during college. This is one of the places I worked through out my college career ( to get an idea... I had 7 tax returns this semester... I was kinda busy). Anyways I truly love my boss Sheila and the whole team so much at SEG. Community is soooo important and I truly believe there was such a strong tie to working for this small business that I'm going to be so sad moving away and not being quite a part of it any more. I learned so amazing things from this company, felt a part of it, developed a passion towards some of the projects that I worked on and will be forever grateful for that experience and the skills I gained. Here was a fun coffee shot by the pool for a paramour coffee.

BPassionit Intern

ally burnham photography

Can't forget about my other huge job that's I've had throughout college which was also an internship with the small business owner and designer for BPassionit tennis and activewear. So many things were also learned here and I enjoyed wearing any and all hats that I needed to in this business. Lisa was such a kind and hard working boss too. Love all the experiences I had with her company and the creative freedom I was given.


ally burnham photography

Thankful for the little things like rainbow flip flops, lulu running shorts, bathing suits, speakers, & sunscreen. These are my summer essentials!!!

my canon

ally burnham photography

Grateful for my camera. Also at some point I will be upgrading. Although my sweet little one has been with me for the past eight years and had captured so many joyful memories. I also have found it to be a great passion, and skill or tool that I can use forever.

in person classes

ally burnham photography

Excited to have graduation and to actually be in person this last semester. I think we all have had a really crazy time with a pandemic happening but I am grateful for the situation that I have been in and crazy enough haven't contracted Covid yet.


ally burnham photography

Thankful for the random shows, and social media that have kept me entertained this year although at time maybe spent a bit too much time on.

healthier lifestyle

ally burnham photography

Thankful and hopefully that when I go home I will continue to workout more. California is a much healthier state then Kansas and I'm excited to be back in that environment again.

healthiness & happiness

ally burnham photography

Finally, I I am thankful to be healthy and happy!!! Literally have so much to be thankful for and try to keep a daily journal of thinks I'm grateful for and am way over 500 things in it and I'm pretty sure had finished another booklet of them.

Anyways I'd recommend doing this and sharing/ reminding yourself of how good you've got it!!! This is in no way to brag but truly just to remember, give glory to God, thanks those in my life who have helped me, and to increase my happiness!!! Truly giving thanks will make you happier.. it's proven by science.


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