75 Little Things To Be Thankful For
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75 Little Things To Be Thankful For

Because it's the little things in life.

75 Little Things To Be Thankful For
Not On the High Street

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, we all think of the big things in life to be thankful for, like our family, friends, food and a roof over our heads. But the little things are what make life special, too.

1. Since you’re reading this on the Internet, you must be thankful for your Internet and Wi-Fi access

2. When your coffee is just right

3. Kisses on the forehead

4. Falling asleep to the sound of rain

5. When someone tells you that they saw something that reminded them of you

6. Good hair days

7. The sound of the ocean

8. Getting to sleep in

9. Feeling of your toes in the sand

10. Complete silence after a hectic day

11. The feeling when you finally finish something you’ve been stressed about

12. A cat's purr

13. Your favorite song coming on the radio

14. The warmth of wrapping yourself in a blanket on a snowy day

15. Moments of pure bliss

16. The smell of lavender

17. A clear starry night sky

18. 100% charged phone

19. When you wake up and realize you still have time to sleep

20. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

21. Playground swings

22. Warm blankets fresh out of the dryer

23. Freshly baked bread

24. Being in love

25. Waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking

26. Sunflowers that are taller than fences

27. Food that is exactly the right temperature

28. Completely jamming out to your favorite part of a song

29. Getting opportunities to do what you love

30. Dresses with pockets

31. Getting the perfect amount of cream cheese on your bagel

32. Satisfaction of stepping on crunchy leaves

33. Broken-in boots

34. People that get your sense of humor

35. Seeing results of your hard work

36. When a dog falls asleep with its head rested on your leg

37. When the elevator is arriving right as you get there

38. Friends who tell you to text them when you get home safe

39. Leggings being accepted as pants

40. All the different ways to eat potatoes

41. Free museums

42. Netflix, and it’s wide variety of great options

43. Grilled cheese

44. Turning on the TV and your favorite show just started

45. A sunset over mountains

46. Being told that you’re appreciated

47. The window seat on an airplane

48. Getting your hair washed at the salon

49. Perfectly roasted marshmallows over a campfire

50. Concerts

51. Laughing so hard your belly hurts

52. The first sip of your favorite drink

53. Unexpectedly finding money in your pocket

54. Puppies and kittens

55. Having the time to take a mid-afternoon nap

56. Drive-thru coffee shops

57. Reminiscing on good times with friends

58. Holding hands with someone you love

59. Adventures

60. The first swim of the summer

61. The cool side of the pillow

62. Continuous green lights while driving

63. The coziness of a new sweatshirt

64. Long hugs from someone you really missed

65. Eating a homemade meal after being away from home for a while

66. Feeling confident when you look in the mirror

67. Rollercoasters

68. Free parking

69. Heart-to-heart life talks with new friends

70. Homemade mac and cheese

71. Midnight movie premieres

72. Free Wi-Fi

73. Strangers who hold the door for you

74. Reading a really good book

75. Going to sleep with a smile on your face

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