5 Things Other Than PSLs To Fall In Love With During Fall
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5 Things Other Than PSLs To Fall In Love With Between September And Christmas

For introverted extroverts who sometimes need an excuse to chill at home without the pressure of going out and basking in the warm summer days, it's the perfect time of year.

5 Things Other Than PSLs To Fall In Love With Between September And Christmas

Lately, I've been waking up to cool mornings with a sharp crisp breeze with crumpled up brown leaves beginning to litter the ground, yup fall is coming and for those who are fond of the long summer days and heat, it could be the beginning of hibernation season. But no need to close windows and doors, or shun yourself from the outside world, that's what winter is for.

Personally, fall is my favorite season for many reasons, but it mainly signals my favorite time of year - the holidays. Though it could get expensive (RIP wallets and bank accounts), it's such a festive time full of activities with family, friends, and strangers who may become friends. The minute Halloween hits, the parties begin and the festivities go on until new years.

But there are more reasons to look forward to fall besides holiday parties and the infamous pumpkin spice lattes.

To many, fall is the beginning of two things: School and pumpkin spice latte season (which is beginning in August now?? A little too much for me). But for true fall lovers like myself, it's the beginning of so many other things.

Sure, the air is getting colder, we have to start thinking about layers and the days slowly get shorter, but those aren't bad things, in fact, it makes things a lot cozier and homey.

For introverted extroverts who sometimes need an excuse to chill at home without the pressure of going out and basking in the warm summer days, it's the perfect time of year.

So if you're struggling to find reasons beyond the obvious to enjoy the new season, here are a few other reasons to fall in love with fall:

Apple and Pumpkin picking

One activity that fuels me as fall comes around is this one, so simple yet so exciting and enjoyable. Something about picking freshly grown apples off a tree gives me a sense of homeyness and comfort that I can't describe.

Apples aren't my favorite fruit, but a good one, refreshing, crunchy and versatile. You can use it in anything, from savory dishes, desserts (apple pie, apple turnovers, apple tarts, the list goes on) and let's not forget in drinks too.

Point is the apple is a humble fruit with many uses and to be able to pick it right off the tree is one of those simple things in life we can take for granted. I encourage anyone who hasn't gone apple picking to definitely try it, any farm/orchard definitely has it from early September to late October.

If apples aren't your thing and you're loyal to the PSL lifestyle, you can also pick your own pumpkins as well, I use them for future jack-o-lanterns and Halloween decor.

Sweater Weather

This happens to be the second reason fall is a great feeling and not only the title of a classic song by The Neighborhood.

I love fall fashion and sweaters are a huge reason why. They're soft for starters, nothing compares to the feeling you get when a chilly fall breeze blows and you're nestled in the fabric of a pillowy sweater. And they don't always have to be soft and thick, they can thin enough to throw over a shirt if you find it's too cold in your lecture class or vice versa, if it's freezing outside but warm inside.

In the fall, layers are key. They can get you through the cold morning that somehow turn into hot days and randomly colder than normal rooms (I get cold easily, so this is a must for me).

With sweaters, you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion as well. Plus a class outfit combo, sweater, jeans, and boots.

Going to class in the morning and a party at night? You can wear a sweater for both! I could go on about the versatility of this one item of clothing but there are more reasons to love fall, and I would be remiss not to mention them. And not to be a click-bait, but the next reason may shock you.

New School Year

Yes, you heard me. Most people claim this is one of the reasons why they may not be a fan of fall but let me remind you that it's still technically summer when school starts (Summer officially ends September 21st).

However, since fall is mainly associated with school, we just say they're one and the same. But school is a great part of life because that's where we can find our careers, meet friends, and basically form some of our most memorable experiences.

It's crazy to think that I've been in school for the majority of my life and that I'll be graduating from it for good soon, but for now every September, I can look forward to a new start, new class, new things to learn and people to meet. And trust me, it took me some time to realize that (having general education classes don't make it any easier to get through) but once you get to learn the things you truly are interested in, school is pretty great.

And if you still aren't convinced, just remember SCHOOL TECHNICALLY STARTS IN THE SUMMER and ends in late spring! Fall has almost nothing to do with it.

New Fall TV

For those homebodies who don't really care about apple picking, fall is also the time for some notable favorites to return to the screen or for you to discover a new favorite.

The genres are vast and intriguing, in animated comedies, there's "Bless the Harts," and in returning sitcoms, the final season of one of my favorite's "The Good Place" is premiering.

New shows will also drop on Netflix, including one of my favorite underrated dramas, "Elite." There are a lot to choose from and the only problem you'll have is what to watch first.

Hot Cocoa, Apple Cider and just being Cozy

This one's self-explanatory. At the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of entering your warm home, kicking off boots, moccasins, what have you, basically shedding all the layers you have on and brewing up a hot cup of hot chocolate. Or apple cider. Or even a pumpkin spice latte.

Point is, there are so many ways to be comfortable and homey during fall, more ways than I can think of than any of the other seasons. And it's not like you have to be at home to enjoy it, the weather for the fall is mostly dry, besides a freak snowstorm here and there.

But hopefully, these five reasons, and any others you may have thought of on your own, will make you enjoy the last few weeks of summer, and prepare to enter the best season of the year.

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