I know we're already almost done with the first month of 2017, but I can't help but reconsider some things that I just wish would have stayed in 2016. There are just some things that need to go. Whether they're fads, memes, outfit trends, songs, makeup tricks, etc., I need them to go. 2016 was bad enough. I can't have any of these things continuing on into the remainder of 2017. It's a new year everyone, let's leave these bad habits behind. I'm begging you.

1. "Anotha one"

2. The song "Caroline"

3. Clowns causing way too many problems

4. Hover boards

5. Becoming vegan/vegetarian/gluten free because it's trendy

6. Terrorism

7. Evil Kermit

8. Emoji clothing, pillows, etc.

9. Overreacting to everything

10. Fur nails

11. Overdone eyebrows

12. Pokemon Go

13. Harley Quinn costumes

14. Instagram stories

15. Harambe

16. Joe Biden memes

17. My favorite celebrities dying

18. "Rain drop, drop top"

19. Any post with this caption honestly

20. Those "An Open Letter To The Boy Who..." articles

21. The Mannequin Challenge

22. Rob and Chyna beef

23. Being overly obsessed with mermaids

24. Drawing on your freckles

25. 100 coats of "whatever"

26. Saying "All Lives Matter" in response to "Black Lives Matter"

27. Girls overemphasizing how much black they have in their closets

28. Celebrities promoting weird teas

29. The Instagram caption: "The happiest of hours with this one"

30. Thinking it's trendy to be sad and hating your life

31. Wedge sneakers

32. Wearing hip glasses that don't have prescription lens in them (why are we doing this again?)

33. Juju On That Beat

34. Graphic tees that you see on a 13-year-old Tumblr with awful quotes like "not cute just psycho" or something with a pizza on it

35. Arguing whether pineapple should or shouldn't be on pizza