Have you ever come across something that just makes your toes curl?

Well I HAVE. This morning I happened across a potato (yam?) I forgot I had in the corner of my kitchen. For whatever reason, the sight of the thriving thing unsettled me. Yes, I know that if you leave potatoes unattended, uncooked, and with room to grow, then they will.

Nonetheless, the unexpected experience got me thinking about other things I've encountered recently that have made me feel a similar degree of repulsion. Here's a list of 15 things that might make you as wildly uncomfortable as they make me...

1. When your potatoes start growing more potatoes

Vanessa Hinton

Found it this morning and wanted to vomit.

3. Being one of two passengers on a bus or train


There can only be one...

4. Watching other people argue in public


The by-stander embarrassment is real.

5. Being a part of an argument in public


And wanting to be anywhere but there.

6. Pants that fit two sizes too small


It's like vanity sizing in reverse?

7. Spiders


To include a real photo would have honestly been too much.

8. When your Uber driver starts raving about conspiracy theories


And then the relief you feel when you realize you're almost at your destination.

9. When people touch your hair without asking


We get it, my hair is curly. Ask first.

10. Finding a penny that's not heads up


And not feeling comfortable again until you flip it over for someone else to find

11. Studying for finals without a laptop after yours inexplicably decides to break the week before


Unfortunately, I'm speaking from experience on that one. Losing all your notes and switching up study methods last minute is very mentally discomforting.

12. When you're 98% certain you sweat through your shirt, but you can't tell if others can see


And running to the bathroom for a mirror the minute you get indoors to confirm your suspicions.

13. Watching a movie that requires 3D glasses, while simultaneously wearing glasses


It's like they don't want us to see the movie.

14. Being third wheeled


This especially hurts when you KNOW THE PERSON DOING IT. You two should know better.

15. Watching someone sneeze into their hand and then touch the walk-button to cross the street (with the same hand)


It's a monstrous world we live in.

And there you have it. The 15 things that are guaranteed to make you feel just a little bit squeamish.