Everything needs to revolve around us. Unlike people who turn attention away from them, we need all eyes on us twenty-four seven. While many shy away from being the center of attention, being the center of attention comes naturally to us. Here a few things those are common among attention lovers:

1. We spend a lot of time getting ready.

We love all eyes on us at all times, we take forever to get ready even if it's going to the grocery store.

2. We live for compliments.

We love being noticed and complimented. When someone compliments us, it makes us love being the center of attention even more.

3. We love to be around people.

Being around friends and family makes us super happy, they understand us and our attention-seeking personalities.

4. We are always down for a good time.

We are the party. We come prepared to make the best in every situation.

5. We belong on Gossip Girl.

Every attention lover needs to know the 411 on every situation, even if it doesn't involve them.

6. We are loud.

We talk loud, we want others to hear us. It's in our personality.

7. People think we're dramatic.

Okay, so maybe we are. We over exaggerate things because we want people to pay attention.

8. We live for meeting new people and new experiences.

There is no such thing as an awkward first conversation. We take full interest in meeting and conversing with new people.

9. We love to make people laugh.

Cracking jokes and making fun of people in a joking manner is what we do; we love the attention people give us for being funny.

10. Sometimes we seem conceded.

What can we say? We love attention and will do anything for it.