things that i did on break

During spring break i spent a lot of time with my family and i spent a lot of time working on my school work. The reason why i spent so much time on my school work was because i had three exams, a paper and a debate to prepare for the following week. At first it was very hard to stop doing what i was doing to spend a little time with my family, i had to find a place where i know that i will not get distracted by my little brother and his friend. I had to plan my days ahead in order for me to stay on tract and get everything done in time.

I tried to do what i can to enjoy the break but i could not because i had a lot to do. I studied for my exams and i got all my homework done and that made me so proud of myself. I know i should not have spent that much time on school work, but i could not help it. I felt like it was my duty to work on things that i had to and take care of things that i know will help me with the exams. But i am glad i was on break because i got to celebrate my mother's birthday before i went back to school. I got to enjoy some quality time with her on her birthday. When i got back to school, i took the exams and i am glad that i spent as much time as i could on them when i was on break.

Overall, i am glad that i got to rest a little and get as much sleep as i can. I also spent time with my family, i enjoyed being i their company and i cannot wait for Easter break so i can spend more time with them. Next time i hope that i will spend more time with them than i did during spring break.

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