Things That Are Only A Big Deal At Camp
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Things That Are Only A Big Deal At Camp

What happens when you put eighteen dramatic 13 year olds in a bunk together...

Things That Are Only A Big Deal At Camp

In the heat of the summer when you haven't been in public in weeks, these situations seem like the end of the world. After having real human contact and actually closing the door to use the bathroom, you can reflect and notice how childish the drama was.

1. Who won Color War rope burn

2. Who specifically came up with the best line in the Alma Mater

3. Who had their first kiss with the same boy that six other girls in the same bunk had their first kiss with

4. Who got caught sneaking out

5. Where the best place is to hide contraband (cell phones, cough drops, etc)

6. Who brought the best old dance costumes for bunk unities

7. Which bunk got the counselor that was hooking up with the hottest male staff

8. Whose home friend ruined the outcome of the summer season of the Bachelor through a letter

9. Where the more crafty parents hid candy in care packages

10. Who made out with a younger boy

11. Who had the most vibrantly colored Sugar Lips tank tops

12. Who has to sleep on the top bunk

13. Who gets the shortest cubbies ("but those ones are wider," "she doesn't have as many clothes as me")

14. Who was the first pick in the league's draft

15. Who was playing in Color War varsity hockey vs who was only picked for A team hockey

16. Who decided it was a good idea to get a hickey the night before visiting day

17. Who brought the loudest portable speakers

18. That one girl that doesn't share her bathing suits

19. Sleeping next to the girl that "only comes back for the activities"

20. The proper disposal of sanitary products

21. When your best friend gets the last spot in the waterskiing elective and you have to find something else to do

22. Who had to leave after the first session for a family vacation

23. Who didn't get invited to whose Bat Mitzvah the school year before

24. When a Color War camper captain was on a power trip

25. Who could find the most creative act for the Talent Show

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