College is an amazing time for anyone that gets to experience it. It's full of learning, exploring and finding out who you are. One thing it does not have though, is limits. In college, there are very few things that you don't see, and very few things that are considered embarrassing.

1. Not dressing nicely every day.

I don't know how I got up at 6 am everyday to do my hair and make-up for high school, but in college that definitely isn't a thing.

2. Falling asleep in public.

20 minute power nap in the library? Getting extra z's on the bus ride to class? No one is judging you, we're all wishing that we could be you.

3. Using change to pay for things.

Nowadays, if I have 75 pennies, I will use them. Every. Single. One.

4. Bundling up when it's cold outside.

No more trying to look cute when it's cold out. Who are you trying to impress? I'm not walking across campus in a North Face and Uggs, sorry 'bout it. You'll catch me with ear muffs, gloves, AND fuzzy socks.

5. Packing a lunch.

I used to hate carrying a lunch box around. When you start paying for food or when you run out of meals on campus, you'll be grateful for that monogrammed lunch bag your mom got you when you were 14.

6. Going to bed early.

With all the studying and working, when I have nothing to do at 8 pm on a Thursday night, you can bet that I'll be in bed. And I won't be sorry about it.

7. Buying the generic brand.

Wait, the equate brand is $3 cheaper? That's a no-brainer.

8. Your parents visiting you at school.

When my mom dropped me off in middle and high school, I didn't even want to tell her bye. Now, I get so excited when my parents come visit. Why? Because they take you out to eat, and restock your pantry and everything else. Thanks mom and dad. Also, next time you visit, please stay forever?

When you get to college, there are very few things that are off-limits. Let's just say, do what ya gotta do.